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Persistent Labels


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The field here allows you to specify permanent labels that remain regardless of the number of torrent jobs there are actually using that label. Multiple persistent labels may be entered, but must be separated with a | (vertical pipe). Note that persistent labels are given higher priority than normal labels in the category list, and so, are displayed above their normal counterparts.

Can someone explain the difference between a persistent label and a "temporary" label?

Is there an advantage to creating a persistent label?

Is there a difference in functionality, aside from a persistent label getting listed first?

What does the bolded secion mean? A limit to the number of torrents that can have a temporary label and not a permanent one?


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Persistent labels are always available when right-clicking a torrent, if all the torrents with a non-persistant label either have their label changed or are removed, that label is no longer available when right-clicking and must be created from scratched.

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