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Directory Change... Please Help


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Because of non related problems I was forced to Repair XP, which caused all my files to be moved around.

This seems to be effecting my Utorrent torrents; I am getting a error that the files can not be found (obviously).

I still have the "utorrent part" file (.dat file) and the ".!ut" file. (it was moved to another directory)

Is there anyway that I can reconnect those files to utorrent so I do not have to redownload the files all over again?(so I can continue form where I left off.)

Knowing that I was almost finished with the files. (took me days to download and I only had 30m left when I had to repair XP)

Please find me an answer for I do not (and most likely will not be able to) download the files all over again.

Thanks Ahead of Time.

PS: Also thanks to Utorrent for providing a easy to use but powerful product.

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Sorry I did not phrase myself correctly.

The torrent was "removed" (on Utorrent, not the files) because the OS was reinstalled including Utorrent.

But I have the ".dat" file and the ".!ut" file...

Thanks for continuing to help...

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You must do two things:

1) have append .!ut option on


2) point your download directory to where you incomplete .!ut files are:


3) Open the .torrent file or re-download it from the web site tracker. µTorrent should check the files and re-load already downloaded pieces.

Hopefully, this makes sense without me going into fine detail.

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Thanks for the help, but I found a way around it before I check back in on the forums.

I simply Added the Torrent again.

Then I exited Utorrent and found the newly made ".!ut" file and replaced it with the old (almost finished) file.

Utorrent simple thought it was the same file, so it continued from where it was left off.

Thanks anyways for the help.

And Utorrent: Keep up the good work!

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