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This is the option in utorrent 3.0


and this is the thing i get in WEBUI


So i don't now if the api even exposes these dirs that u can set in uTorrent.

and the option action=list-dirs works as api call. It returns the dirs defined. Just how to use them boggles me as i don;t know every api-call. Here is output from my app.


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Yeah, I noticed that during development, but chalked it up to a Firefox bug that cropped up in conjunction with the MooTools upgrade. I'm still not sure if that's the correct classification (it may just be that MooTools isn't paying attention to the W3C specs, but I don't know for sure). Either way, I was hoping Firefox would "fix" itself (no other browser behaves in this way), but that's just silly idealism, so I'll work around the issue.

For anyone wondering what the exact issue is:

When you perform XMLHttpRequest.open(), you can optionally include login credentials with the request. The MooTools Request object wraps itself around XMLHttpRequest, and in the process, sends a username/password with the request. If I don't include a username/password when creating the Request object, MooTools sends undefined instead for the login credentials. I would think browsers should be ignoring the parameters if they're undefined, but Firefox doesn't. Instead, it stringifies 'undefined' and uses that as the username/password, and so every XMLHttpRequest gets sent under the login undefined:undefined. Needless to say, you end up with this bug. The workaround? Send empty strings for the login credentials with all requests if you don't want to override the existing login. Kinda stupid, but oh well.

As it turns out, the MooTools devs seem to have known about this behavior, but decided not include the fix by default (it was commented out). Anyway, it's uncommented now, so it'll be fixed in the next release. (Which should be soonish, as there are too many regressions in the last build for me to be comfortable with. Just need to work out some other changes before release.)

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They fixed the API!!....

Downloaded the latest utorrent 3.0 today and it works.

list-dirs to get the dirs and


to start the download.

var dir btw is the index number. So you have to use the index number of the list-dirs and not the name.

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Seems to be a little glitch with WebUI on the current 3.0 client (since build 22755).

Now that multiple lables are allowed, changing the label on a torrent that already has a label set seems to add the label as a multiple rather than as a primary. e.g. I have a new torrent with no label, I add a label of "Software" the torrent moved from the "No Label" section into the "Software" section, fine.

Then I decide I want to change the label from "Software" to "Downloads", the torrent now has multiple lables for that torrent, one for "Software", one for "Downloads. Old functionality just changed the label in its entirity but I guess it doesn't know how to work with the new multiple labelling. I haven't found a workaround because clearing the label seems to change the primary label but you cannot remove the old label.

Looking in the actual client, the torrent appears in both labels and removing one of the labels sets it back on track.

Clearly, not an issue if you label the torrent correctly from the start, but I guess it should either work with Primary lables only (backwards compatible) or allow managing multiple lables (Beta functionality)?


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Huh. Didn't realize multiple labels per-torrent was implemented. Ugh, that'll probably be somewhat of a pain to implement, due to the many assumptions WebUI seems to make regarding torrent labels being exclusive. The WebUI backend also doesn't itself yet support this properly (it sends a single label for each torrent, even if the torrent belongs to multiple labels).

Anyway, I'll keep it on my todo, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to implementing support. Thanks for the heads up!

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v0.380 WIP (2010-11-06)

~ Change: Don't auto-redirect on port change (display message instead)

* Fix: Broken Files tab download

* Fix: Hide separator in Label submenu if no label exists to be selected

* Fix: Ignore uTorrent Web enabled state for 3.0-only features

* Fix: MooTools regression caused Firefox to repeatedly request login details

* Fix: Regression in Files tab menu items

* Fix: Regression in multi-torrent support for Properties dialog

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Wouldn't be at the top of my todo list. At best, whenever I get around to implementing some global menubar, I might be able to add it there, but otherwise, you won't find it very likely that a standalone button like this would ever be implemented. Why? Because this particular WebUI frontend isn't designed to be mobile-friendly. It's designed to very closely mimic the desktop UI, down to other desktop-specific UI elements like right-click menus, so there is little reason to have such a button.

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Hi all having a small problems with the webui with whs

i have installed it fine, have you torrent running as a service (used anyservice installer)

problem I am having is the webui only works when i am in fact logged into the server soon as i log out it wont load

this isnt ideal as obviously its a server am not meant to be logged in all the time

any ideas ?

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Wouldn't be at the top of my todo list. ... Why? Because this particular WebUI frontend isn't designed to be mobile-friendly.

If I ever feel like checking, cool, but I simply don't/won't make any guarantees about WebUI's mobile compatibility. There are UIs available that are better suited for use on small screens.

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hey guys,

i've been using utorrent for years and love it. today i just realized the power of the web ui and fell in love with it... almost.

i am wondering if there is a way to download certain parts of a torrent. for example, when you have u torrent on your local machine and you find a torrent you want, you download the torrent file and i have firefox auto open the torrent file which pulls up utorrent and then it allows me to check all, uncheck all, and i can pick which files i want. like if i want 1 song, i dont want to have to download the entire album.

is there a way to select certain flies to download on the web ui?


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Gobble gobble. A day early, but gobble gobble.

v0.380 WIP (2010-11-24)

+ Feature: Auto-refreshing Files list

+ Feature: Auto-refreshing Peers list

+ Feature: Rudimentary uTorrent Server (Linux) compatibility

+ Feature: Set global Run Program

+ Feature: Status bar

+ Feature: Toolbar chevron

~ Change: Add some missing settings and controls to the Preferences dialog

~ Change: Disable toolbar buttons if unusable on selected torrent job(s)

~ Change: Divider drag-and-drop updates control sizes in real-time

~ Change: More intelligent menu item disabling based on selected torrent jobs

* Fix: Allow 'Esc' to work while a modal dialog is open

* Fix: Delete keyboard button or Remove toolbar button use default remove action

* Fix: Improve UI resize responsiveness

* Fix: Restore request failure retry limit of 5


Yep, auto-refreshing of the Peers and Files tabs is finally implemented. In order to prevent massive bandwidth usage, the fastest the Peers tab will auto-refresh is 5 seconds, and the fastest the Files tab will auto-refresh is 60 seconds. They can still auto-refresh at a slower pace if the global update interval is set higher than either one. If you need to manually force a refresh (because you can't wait the full interval), just click the respective tab, or the torrent job, and it'll force a refresh. As a reminder, the Peers list still requires µTorrent 3.0.

That UI resize responsiveness fix was from a stupid regression introduced in the 2010-10-31 build (specifically, due to virtual listview support). With that out of the way, in conjunction with the divider drag/drop change, resizing of the dividers and of the window should feel faster now (at least on Chrome, it's extremely smooth).

The status bar currently only shows the upload/download speed sections. The other sections (like error, network status, etc.) aren't there. May or may not get to that another time. The right-click menu for the rate limits support the manual override in the preferences, but not all versions of µTorrent support that in getsettings/setsetting. If not manually overridden, the menu shows some stuff not too unlike µTorrent's automatic speed limit menu, but it isn't exact because I don't know the formula/algorithm µTorrent uses to pick speeds to show. Good enough, I say.

Linux support is, as noted in the changelog, rudimentary. That is, I haven't done extensive testing. Linux users are free to report bugs and problems here. I make no guarantees about support, but I can try my best.

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Yeah, I wasn't able to test Linux compatibility before now without having first installed a Linux distro to test on. There weren't many changes I had to make specifically to support Linux. Mainly had to implement hiding of unsupported options in the Preferences dialog.

You may have to clear the cookies by pressing Esc in WebUI. And be sure to clear the browser cache too.

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It seems to be basically working with the 23090 server build. An earlier server build wasn't so good. There are still some glitches in the options dialogs. Sometimes settings don't seem to take, and the advanced options dialog is rendered funny. Took me a while to work out that there is a text entry box and a button at the bottom because you can't see them. Nice to have a peers tab though :) And the right-click priority setting works again which is very helpful.

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Nice :) The advanced preferences section works exactly like it does in Windows, where you have to click to get the input. The reason is that there are boolean and string/number settings, and what shows depends on which one you click. (Double-clicking works for toggling boolean settings too, as in Windows.)

Which settings specifically are you having problems with?

And yeah, the Peers tab is cool. What I really want, though, is to want to implement RSS support, as that's very heavily requested, and there's no other simple way to manage RSS under Linux. I've been putting it off for so long because... well, the reference implementation (RSS in the Windows version of µTorrent) doesn't suit my taste. Anyway, RSS is high up there on my todo list, and I'm running out of "small" things to do, so it's going to have to come some time. It's probably the main reason why v0.380 is still a WIP.

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