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Hey Ultima,

I've loving v0.380 :) :)

Do you have a rough guesstimate on when rss will be integrated into the UI? days/weeks/months?

The reason I ask is i thought i would give the API a go but its doing my head in ;) I just can't figure it out. im sure its something stupid im doing wrong.

Should I wait a week or 2 or go down the path of using the watchdir and rssdler.

Thanks again for such a great UI.


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just a quick correction to be made on the next build Ultima - if you open the preferences > Scheduler and have a look at Limited you will see the label hard up against the box - needs a single space like the rest of the label... just cosmetics, but thought i would provide the feedback. And thanks for fixing the retaining of where you are in preference that i raised a few months ago :D


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@simplifyit: Not sure what you're referring to. It looks perfectly fine to me...

@yipikaye: Funny you should ask right now. I just finished implementing most of RSS only yesterday. It's able to add/remove/update feeds and filters, though there are currently a few issues and limitations due to backend issues. I'm still polishing up the code (lots of work to do there), but if all goes well, you should expect to see RSS (finally) in the next build. With bugs/limitations as should be mentioned in the notes for the build, assuming things still aren't fixed in the backend by then (good chance they won't be fixed for another while). I still have other plans for the next build, so don't expect it immediately -- maybe on the order of weeks, since I still have other Real Life™ obligations.

And uh... various aspects of the API for RSS are annoying to figure out due to the really horrendously written documentation. Unless you have a ton of free time on your hands to experiment, I'm not sure it's worth the stress.

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Nah, the HTML wouldn't flow that way...

The problem appears to be with the HTML compressor. Not sure why it's stupidly stripping the space only for that one item. I guess I have to put a   instead of a plain space, or use CSS like I'm actually supposed to...

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The labels context menu extends off the bottom of the browser window, just a cosmetic change. 0.380 WIP (2010-12-24)

My current workaround is to just reorder the torrent list so the torrent I want to label appears at the top of the screen.


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Screenshot? Browser?

The point of the menu changes was to prevent menu items from ever being inaccessible again due to falling off the edge of the screen, which could've happened in any number of ways. If you mouse over the submenu, it should scroll as you move up and down now. Arbitrarily long menus should always work, unlike with the old system.

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v0.380 WIP (2011-01-27)

+ Feature: Multiple category/label selection support

+ Feature: RSS Downloader

~ Change: Improved control tab-stop order

~ Change: Improved progressbar readability

~ Change: Show error messages in "Status" column (uTorrent 3.0 and newer only)

~ Change: Use queue.slow_*_threshold to determine if torrent job is active

* Fix: Regression where some settings don't load properly

Wait, what??? Ultima actually released WebUI with RSS support? This must be some sort of miracle!

Notes / Rant

Yeah, I've been sitting on this for a long while now because it's somewhat incomplete, but I'm tired of waiting, and I can't really make much progress right now due to various factors. So instead of letting it just bit-rot doing nothing, I decided I'd do something useful with it and at least let users provide feedback. That, and I feel like a part of the reason why the backend has remained stagnant for so long despite all my complaints about RSS support is that there's no one else complaining, and no real way for the devs to even see the problems. So here's exhibit A.

As I've said, it's still incomplete, so you can expect a few bugs/limitations right now. The most annoying issue lies with filter modification. Because the backend is broken by extremely poor API design, various options won't be set properly when you change them. Those who care to know the technical details can see this thread. The fix is relatively simple, but I'm in no way interested in writing stupid logic in the frontend to work around stupid logic in the backend. So, you'll have to put up with it for now, but it'll magically fix itself if the backend is ever fixed (and if never, then I really have no faith in the future of WebUI). Anyway, a workaround right now I suppose would be to disable every checkbox option for filters, hitting Apply, then enabling every option you actually do want to use, and then Apply again.

The checkbox next to the RSS filters isn't really usable either for the time being, since it's not implemented in the backend. Some columns in the RSS feed item list aren't implemented either, because I have no idea how to interpret the data sent by the backend (if the backend is even sending the correct data). The Date column is just broken, period. Unicode isn't properly supported. Again, all the backend's fault. The rather incomplete backend documentation on WebUI+RSS did the exact opposite of making me love the API too.

So the moral of the story is that RSS support is somewhat broken right now because the backend is somwhat broken. Oh, by the way, it should be well noted that only µTorrent 3.0 allows you to add/remove/modify feeds and filters. µTorrent 2.2 will allow you to at least look at feeds/filters and add torrents from feeds, but attempting to manipulate the feeds/filters themselves in µTorrent 2.2 will do nothing.

Before anyone asks why RSS is implemented similarly to the way it was implemented in µTorrent 1.7 and prior, my explanation is that... I just don't get the current RSS UI implemented in µTorrent 1.8. RSS doesn't belong in the main overview because it does not, in any way, meaningfully interact with the rest of the UI elements in the main overview. Toolbar buttons? Useless for RSS items. Detailed info pane? Shows nothing for RSS items. Category list? It doesn't make sense to select both a RSS feed and a regular torrent label/category. Context menu? Completely distinct from torrent job context menu (with extra useless logic to make sure they remain distinct when you have mixed selections). So why is it in the main UI? Beats me. More screen real estate? Hardly any reason to destroy proper/logical UI design. In fact, the RSS Downloader dialog in µTorrent is resizable anyway, so there's no reason screen real estate should even be a consideration on the desktop UI either.

Finally, I would love to have removed the WIP tag from this release, but... well, see all of the above.


  • µTorrent 2.2 only has read-only support for WebUI+RSS. µTorrent 3.0 has read/write support for WebUI+RSS.
  • When editing RSS filters (favorites), checkbox options will behave erratically. If you need to modify them, disable all the checkboxes, Apply, then enable the ones you need, Apply.
  • The RSS filter enable/disable toggle doesn't work.
  • Various columns in the RSS feed item list are broken or incompletely implemented.
  • Unicode isn't properly supported, so you will see weird characters if you use Unicode feeds.
  • RSS Downloader is the centralized location to find everything RSS in WebUI.
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