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v0.381 (2011-04-30)

+ Feature: Ability to disable use of system fonts

+ Feature: Codec column in RSS feeds list

+ Feature: Listview find (Ctrl+F when a listview is focused)

~ Change: Default to confirming on torrent delete if setting isn't found

* Fix: Broken "Add File" and "Add URL" dialogs under IE9

* Fix: Broken listview scrolling behavior under IE7

* Fix: Listview column headers use improper text in some languages

* Fix: Rows are skipped on long lists in virtual listview mode

Release Notes

Not a whole lot to say about this release outside of what's in the changelog. I do want to express my satisfaction in getting the listview filtering to work as well as it does though. It was a huge pain to brainstorm what changes were required to get it working due to the fact that the listview code is a bunch of hacks piled on top of one another. After the extended planning phase though, things fell into place pretty quickly (in a manner of hours), and we have this! Listview filtering works as-you-type, which has the potential to be slow, but in my tests, it worked rather quickly, even on lists with well over 10,000 rows.

I decided to bump the version number to v0.381 and remove the WIP tag. There are known issues still, but enough is enough, and it's otherwise working pretty stably anyway. It's also becoming rather confusing when users report bugs or request features while saying "I'm on v0.380 WIP", but without specifying which build it is that they're actually running.

Anywho, you know the drill: find the updated build in the first post, and report bugs if you find 'em!

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I have looked but didn't see it, is there a way to pull the 'date added' from an api call to the webui? I wanted to run a routine that checks the ratio and the time since the torrent began to auto remove the torrent from uTorrent.

Great work on the WebUI!! Nice to have all these features available anywhere.

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Or more likely, one of the feeds has characters that µTorrent isn't properly converting to JSON. There's a known bug with µTorrent where it leaves illegal characters in JSON strings, which breaks WebUI on the majority of browsers.

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As I've said, it's still incomplete, so you can expect a few bugs/limitations right now. The most annoying issue lies with filter modification. Because the backend is somewhat broken by design, various options won't be set properly when you change them. Those who care to know the technical details can see this thread. Needless to say, I'm not interested in writing stupid logic in the frontend to work around stupid logic in the backend. So, you'll have to put up with it for now, but it'll magically fix itself whenever the backend is fixed. A workaround right now I suppose would be to disable every checkbox option for filters, hitting Apply, then enabling every option you actually do want to use, and then Apply again.


I prefer not to have to bend my over my back to write code for stupid logic and/or an inconsistent/asymmetric API.

I can easily fix this in the frontend, but if the backend developers decide they feel like adding a new option, I'll have to go back and touch code that really shouldn't be required to be touched if things were designed correctly. Sure, I'd have to add/fix it eventually if they changed the backend, but at least a proper design wouldn't break reliant applications in the interim (and currently, this design would).

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Hey what you think? That I like to spend time registering on a forum just to post a fake problem?

Problably there are people doing that, but I don't see the point. Anyway it is easly reproducible.

I've just said what happened to me. Whether you want to fix it or not doesn't depend on me.

uTorrent 1.8.5 is no longer supported by us so it doesn't matter.

Maybe it doesn't matter for you couse you don't care about the people that use utorrent and the webui. If that's so your opinion isn't that important.

The point is that, for what I have seen, webui version 0.381 can't be installed on old versions of utorrent (<= 1.8.5 I suppose). It looks like a relevant information if it gets confirmed. Maybe other people could benefit from knowing that.

I'm not saying that you must fix it. I hope you'll fix it for back compatibility, but that's your choice.

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That's ok, you don't have to convince me. As I said I've already upgraded to the latest version. I haven't done this before just because I was lazy about that.

That was just a statement meaning nothing more and nothing less than what I wrote.

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v0.382 (2011-05-28)

+ Feature: "Copy" menu item for RSS Feeds list

+ Feature: uTorrent Remote configuration (uTorrent 3.0 and newer only)

~ Change: Improved error reporting at startup

~ Change: Updated MooTools to v1.3.2

* Fix: Listview doesn't apply filter if Shift key is held while typing

* Fix: Listview doesn't properly unhide rows in some cases

* Fix: Listview fires delete event when the user presses Delete on the filter

I guess the most important change in this build would be the improved error reporting at startup... It should help in diagnosing why WebUI gets stuck on "Loading..." at startup.

First post, as usual.

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I apologise if I'm asking something that's asked a lot, or if I've misunderstood something simple.

I've just upgraded webui to the latest version from one that's now at least a year old. On the old version the scheduler table was present and informed me it wouldn't work unless I updated uTorrent to 2.1 or greater. Now that I have, and I've updated webui as well, I find that the scheduler table is missing altogether.

Has it been removed now? I didn't see anything on the changelog...

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µTorrent Server 3.0 alpha build 25053

WebUI v0.381 (2011-04-30)

After upgrading the kernel to 2.6.32-31 to version 2.6.32-32 average CPU 1.75 1.23 1.45.

The processor temperature as reached 45c ($sensors), although earlier on kernel 2.6.32-31 load was about (0.40 0.49 0.55) and low processor usage was about 37c ($sensors).

One of the engines were deployed at 100%.

Installed the WebUI v0.382 (2011-05-28), the average load on the CPU has dropped 0.33 0.42 0.54

AMD Athlon II X2 260 Processor

Linux hdc1 2.6.32-32-server #62-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 20 22:07:43 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux


CPU1 Temp: +36.0°C (high = +80.0°C, hyst = +75.0°C) sensor = thermistor

CPU2 Temp: +28.0°C (high = +80.0°C, hyst = +75.0°C) sensor = thermistor

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