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You're absolutely right! That's a rather subtle bug that would probably have been annoying for me to track down, so your help in figuring it out is much appreciated. This will be fixed for the next release!

Ultima since your around could you answer a quick question, Is it possible by editing WebUI files to...

a) Remove specific context menu items like.. "Force Start" and "Remove"

B) Remove the icon in bottom left that leads to settings etc.

If so would you do be a big favor and give teh edits m8. I really want to use latest WebUI with the shell but cant because its not compatible with with latest WebUI as far as removing the force start/remove etc.


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Remove these from webui.js



In main.css, replace




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v0.384 (2011-08-29)

* Fix: An invalid RSS feed is selected for newly-created RSS favorites

* Fix: Disabling system font doesn't disable it completely

* Fix: Picked incorrect system font in some cases

* Fix: Regression in Status column sorting for torrent job listview

* Fix: Speed tab axes aren't properly font-agnostic

Bugfix build -- not much else to say about this.

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You're absolutely right! That's a rather subtle bug that would probably have been annoying for me to track down, so your help in figuring it out is much appreciated. This will be fixed for the next release!

Thanks for the quick response!

BTW: Great job on WebUI... So far very happy with utserver 3.0 (even with its quirks) and webui 0.383 (Hey... I just noticed the subject of this thread changed to v0.384!) and will be glad to remove the old Windows exe and Wine from my Lubuntu box (soon to switch it to Bodhi Linux I think).

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Ultima, which part do I remove if I just want to remove the "Remove" torrent, Not the "Remove with data"?

Its because im using the quota system with shell and need to keep the remove with data but everything else like remove torrent to be removed so the only option theyahve is to remove torrent with data.

[edit] Never mind, Ive sussed it :D, I managed to figure it our through trial and error. Got rid of child menu's I didnt want. Thanks Ultima.

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Any further thought on my idea for WebUI Windows 7 taskbar integration?

With a nice hi-res icon you could pin it to the Windows 7 taskbar and then have the following available:

Media player-like controls could be used to play/pause/stop torrents, status notification overlays could be used to show active # of torrents, jumplists to access tabs/options!

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Status Column Sorting Bug - Still not completely fixed in v0.384

In the 2011-08-29 v0.384 release of the WebUI it shows: 'Fix: Regression in Status column sorting for torrent job listview' as one of the changes, however, sorting the column still does not work properly.

Although most categories are grouped together when sorting by this column, the 'Finished' and 'Queued Seed' categories are still intermixed with each other rather than being grouped together.

I had posted on this bug previously on: 2011-07-03 11:53:39 when v0.383 was released and so was anxiously waiting to test v0.384 so that I could start using the latest version.

The last version where sorting by this column worked correctly was v0.380 WIP (2011-03-19). Perhaps reviewing (or reverting to) the column sorting code for that version would be beneficial?

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@osmosis: Don't know. I looked into after you mentioned it the first time. While probably feasible, it's low on my list of priorities. We'll see.

Edit (2011-09-03): Not happening. IE is retarded, and I don't care enough to work around its bugs.

What is it this time? It doesn't seem to request whatever favicon.ico I tell it to pick up because the icon sits behind HTTP authentication. Sniffing the traffic indicates that it tries to retrieve the icon without HTTP authentication (and from the wrong location), fails, and just decides to give up.

IE is notorious for having problems with favicon (search the Internets if you'd like), so I'm in no way surprised.

@Chipster: I've never taken the queued status into account when sorting. The current build is no worse than 2011-03-19 was -- and is, in fact, no different. They sort using the exact same criteria.

Exhibit A: http://i.imgur.com/dPPke.png

Anyway, this will be fixed in the next release. Thanks again.

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@Ultima: Very strange! I looked at 'Exhibit A' but I swear the version I am using, which says WebUI v0.380 WIP on the browser tab does actually group 'Finished' and Queued Seed' categories separately rather than intermixing them. That is why I noticed right away when trying v0.384.

Is it possible it makes a difference which version of uTorrent is being used? I am using uTorrent 3.0 Build 25460 32-Bit. If it helps, I can email you the webui.zip that I am using if you would like to test it yourself. (Can I email you via my uTorrent Forums login account somehow?)

Anyway, regardless of why there is the discrepancy for the version I am using, thank you for fixing it in the next release.

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Nah, the µTorrent version wouldn't make a difference. The code simply never supported sorting by the queued status because I never took it into account when I wrote my original status comparator.

At any rate, now that I got around to fixing this, I also fixed secondary sorting while the Status column is used as the primary sort criterion -- so you'll be able to more finely sort even those torrents with identical statuses.

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@Ultima: I just tested my two WebUI.zip files again just to make sure and somehow my v0.380 WIP sorts and groups 'Queued Seed' separate from 'Finished' whereas v0.384 (which I just downloaded) does not...

I must have somehow downloaded my v0.380 WIP through an inter-dimensional internet time portal and received it with code cross-embedded from the FUTURE! :rolleyes:

Anyway, thanks for the quick responses. Looking forward to the 'Secondary Sorting' feature!

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It seems the favicon.ico has gone missing in the latest version of the webui.

So, are actually able to see favicon.ico in IE using any of the older versions? The last build to include favicon.ico was the 2010-11-24 build, and I still don't see it in IE with that build (or any older build) no matter what I do.

Also, see edit. It'll stand unless you can verify that there is some way to get WebUI's favicon.ico working with IE (because I certainly can't, and don't feel like trying anymore after looking around for a while).

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I wouldn't know what to tell you. I've been staring at it for the last minute or two and it's still updating just fine.

Check the browser's Javascript console to see if there are any errors, I guess.

Edit: Nevermind. It's a bug that I already fixed while fixing the Status column sorting.

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Ugh. Seems like all I've been doing lately has been to fix regressions. Hopefully, these are the last of the regressions.

v0.385 (2011-09-03)

~ Change: Allow secondary sorting of torrent jobs when Status is primary sort

* Fix: Finished and queued seeding torrent jobs are mixed when sorting by Status

* Fix: Sorting listviews break UI updates in some cases

First post.

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Wow. This is great. Less than 24 hours after finding this I've fully converted including my linux running wine with windows uTorrent client to linux uTorrent server 3.0 with webapi 0.385, including the RSS feeds with filters. Great work all of you.

I do miss a couple of minor things however. Most important is to have the "Only move from the default download directory" flag available in the GUI, or an alternative way to change it.

I'd also really like to be able to see if I have incoming connections without checking the flags for my peers. The windows client had an indicator at the bottom.

Is there a way in this GUI to test your incoming port to see if it is open?


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My system setup:

Debian 6 Squeeze

uTorrent Version: utorrent-server-3.0-25053

And webui_shell.0.7.0.zip

i am running virtualmin. i have setup a virtual server with a private ip, and installed the webui_shell in there.

The private ip of the virtual server that webui_shell is installed in is:

and the gui is accessible on my servers main ip:


I managed to setup everything following the readme. i have set up the instances and everything.

But when i login to the webui i get the following error

Configuration Error: Invalid request.

That appears on the top of the screen in red

the top of the screen looks like this:

µTorrent Webui-Shell Change password Statistics Configuration Error: Invalid request.

i have tried all the following:

Make sure the webui is enabled in µtorrent. Checked

Make sure that if you enabled the webui alternative port in µtorrent that you used that port in that user's instance. Checked

Make sure that the restricted list in µtorrent is either empty or that the IP of the computer running the Webui-Shell is in the list. Checked

I can login to the main gui perfectly. but when i login via webui_shell it just give me the above error and says Loading...

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