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Yellow Triangle


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Hi guys,

I'm getting a yellow triangle at the bottom of utorrent. The speeds are not working great wither.. like 0.5 kbps.. Once I got like 20 something kbs.. LOL .. that was the highest. Before I think utorrent was working fine.. like 2-3 years ago.. Then I quit utorrent because I didn't need it.. Now when I need it it's not working.. I port forwarded many times.. but it won't work.. My original router is an Aztech DSL605EU which is connected to a D-Link DI-524. I do this because I need internet for three things. My satellite receiver which works on the internet, Wireless internet for my dad's laptop, and Ethernet for my computer. I plug in the Aztech modem to the D-link modem. In the D-link modem I have 2 other Ethernet cables, one for the receiver and one for my computer. I port forwarded my utorrent port to my Aztech and my D-link receiver. Now when I check the ports it says the port is not open.. Can anyone tell me what to do?

P.S. I have already done static ip..

Wow.. That's alot of typing about technical support for a 13 year old lol..


EDIT: Right now I am getting a green circle! with 28kbs!

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This has been a big issue lately with me as well. I am getting the yellow icon and sometimes switches to green but mostly yellow however the tester in the speed guide ALWAYS says everything is working properly and I'm still getting 5 kb/s speeds...

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