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Scheduler issue - 1.8.3 Beta - keyboard related?


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Hey guys, this is a bit of an unusual one.

I'm trying to get the scheduler to function in the seed only and limited modes for certain times, but all I seem to be able to get is just the on or off function (dark green or white).

I have seen references to pressing control (or shift) while selecting the zones, but it doesn't appear to work.

Now I could be doing something utterly stupid; so just in case I'll post precisely what I do:

Within UTorrent >

Options > Preferences > Scheduler

> Tick "Enable Scheduler"

> Set values for "Limited upload rate" and "Limited download rate".

> Click on each individual cell (or click and drag across a range of cells) to change to the "desired" colour.

I am successfully getting a change from Dark Green (Full Speed) to White (Turn Off).

At first I had absolutely no idea how to set the other two states, until I found references to holding control (or shift) to do it.

On that basis; I have tried holding down control and left clicking on the individual cells (and dragging), both on green ones and white ones.

I have also tried doing the same while holding down shift.

I have tried doing the same holding down both control and shift.

I have tried doing the same holding alt.

I have tried doing the same holding all manner of random keys or combinations of (eg. "L" plus click seemed reasonably logical at one point there)

At this point I am forced to assume that one of these things is the case:

1. The key mappings / mechanism to set "Limited" and "Seeding only" have changed (from control / shift to something else)

2. uTorrent 1.8.3 Beta has an issue where the scheduler isn't functioning as intended.

3. I'm suffering from an as yet undiagnosed learning disability.

4. My keyboards transmit signal for control and shift (or windows interpretation thereof) is weird: Logitech G15 V1, Windows XP SP3

Any clues?


PS. It's late in my time zone so I'm going to bed now; shall check back for responses in about 24 hours (thanks) :)

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