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uploading won't connect to peers


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I'm having trouble with my uploading. The utorrent screen indicates that the files are in seeding mode and that peers are present, but only very rarely does anyone upload from me. For example, under "peers" it might say 0(19) and nothing is happening. At times the 0 might flash briefly to1, only to go right back to 0. On rare occasion, it might let 1 person upload from me for a little while, then quits. The status at the bottom of the screen is generally green, but sometimes briefly flashes to yellow and back to green. Testing shows that ports are open, and the firewall has been removed (Norton deleted). Router port has been opened. I am very new to all this, so pardon if this is a stupid question, but shouldn't it be uploading if peers are present and you're in seeding mode? My downloading is great now after some initial problems with interference from indexers. I have to maintain a download/upload ratio with the site I use this to dowmload from, so am getting worried.

Thanks to anyone who might offer some suggestions!

Well now it's been doing something it hasn't done before. On one of my files it shows 2 peers present and indicates an actual connection with 1, but there is no uploading going on.

We have a Linksys Model#: BEFSR41 ver 4.3 router.

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