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Slowdown after purchasing new router (NET GEAR)


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I have recently purchased an xbox 360 and hooked it up to live. I was told by the nice people at Maplin i must purchase a router to play online.

I now have a netgear WGR614v9.

Yesterday i found torrents not starting, after googling for about an hour i found out i must "Forward my ports"

I sucessfully done this and an album started downloading at a very high speed of 100kb.

This morning, i got top speeds of 2Kb and carried on googling. No where really helped but i've downloaded Vuze

and it started a torrent at 30KB, utorrent seems to have copied it and now its getting my usual around 70Kb

I dont understand this, how has this hapened?

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No, i just told you. It only hapened when i bought a new wireless router.

I have a new problem now, i'm trying different clients and they all behave the same, an album will download at about 40Kb and it suddenly goes down to about 3KB/s why is this!?!

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If your ISP just started throttling BitTorrent heavily, it may only be a coincidence that you installed a new router for your network.

Try testing WITHOUT the router. Then you'll know whether to blame it or not.

"i get good speeds for like 1minute and it goes straight down to like 3KB a second"

Ok, is it dropping connections? (uTorrent logger window or seeds/peers per torrent numbers dropping )

Troublshooting/slow speed section of the 1st link in my signature did nothing?

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Setting everything back to the way it was isn't easy if you don't know all the previous settings. :(

I can't tell you what you had...

But your computer's NIC card has to be set to "automatically assign an ip" under TCP/IP in order to work when directly connected to the modem.

I don't have your brand of router.

If portforward.com ROUTERS section doesn't list it, I don't know what to tell you. :(

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"Well i cant ask netgear why my torrents are going slow, its illegal!"

Why is asking netgear illegal?

If the router's not working, they would be better than probably anyone to explain why!

"Try testing WITHOUT the router."

"I have tried everything. Using my normal internet doesn't even work, it says network cables are unplugged even if i go back to how my old internet was."

Netgear should be able to explain that or offer a router manual.

Does their website have a troubleshooting guide and/or forum?

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