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Stubborn upload


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1. I had to reinstall XP because SP3 was interfering with a Canon application so I had to reconfigure my system. I never had speed problems with uTorrent before this.

2. Using current version of uTorrent.

3. I set my parameters using Speed Guide to DSL numbers. (And also tried lower Connection numbers.)

4. I am connectable.

5. Using port 34032.

6. Turned off DHT, UPnP Mapping, Peer Exchange.

7. Forwarded ports in my modem. (Don't have a router)

8. Made uTorrent exceptions in XP Firewall and Anti-Virus Resident Scanner (Avast).

9. I tried advice in Forum Stickys.

10. IF the system uploads it's only ~ 3 kB/s.

11. My ISP is Verizon and never had major problems with uTorrent last 3 yrs.

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