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Regular Expression RSS filter


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Adoring the torry-lite. Thank you for the excellent program.

The only reason I've been dealing with that shamu of a BT prog Azureus is because of its Regular Expression RSS feed filter. If you added this feature to utorrent I would gladly download, use, and donate to your organization.


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Señor Gato,

This is the exact reason I was requesting the RegEx filter addition. However, on the advice of Sir Firon I began tinkering with the "standard" RSS filter included with the Beta version of uTorrent. I'd like to say it works AWESOME. The trick is to tick that box on the filter page labeled "Filter matches original name instead of decoded name." So when I want to download the next Kashimashi from Doremi fansubs I just set my filter to "*doremi*kashimashi".

Asterisks are magical beings from beyond the cosmos. They can also take the form of a symbol to designate multiple, variable characters. So no matter how many _,&,[,] or numbers are jammed in the release title I still get my fansub if the words "doremi" and "kashimashi" are in the title. Hope this helps!

Throw me a PM if you want some help setting this up. I'm sure if you've set up a RegEx filter this will be cake.


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I'm already using it that way for more than 40 releases, but sometimes it doesn't work. Anyway I think it's related to the incomplete RSS 2.0 support instead of the filter settings.

EDIT: I forgot to say that anyway you can't filter by episode number so it's still incomplete for this scenario.

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Because I have some episodes already and the feed I use sometimes has re-release of episodes.

I wasn't using any RegEx before. :P

But might be useful... anyway I would be enough happy to have full RSS 2.0 support or the "randomizer bug" fixed (the one that makes a favorite sometimes work and sometimes not).

BTW, Firon... is there any log file we can check for the RSS parsing/processing? I would like to know why some entries are sometimes ignored. :(

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I use the baka-updates.com rss feed and it works fine when I check the "original name..." box. Haven't missed a download yet. I noticed on the releases tab that very few of the episode numbers were parsed out. The nice thing about this is that I get everything from that series released by that specific group, whether it's a version, special, or DVD rip. Tres bien.

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Tried already with some others but it wasn't different, Animorc. It wasn't added either.

Firon, yes it works most of the times but there are some cases like this one. I attribute them to the not complete RSS 2.0 support but who knows. :P

Inside the XML the name is like this:


But this worked quite well:


I'm really disoriented here. :(

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No that won't do as adding such RSS filter to the feed will add "[Anime] " to all the titles and so messing up with my +40 favorites. I don't see what that would achieve anyway.

As I said before I already tried lots of variants







None worked.

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