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Internet stops working after starting the utorrent-client


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When I start the uTorrent-client my internet stops working? I cant surf or anything. Ive got a router and many computers are conncted to it, and they work as usual. So it's only on the computer that i run the torrent-client on. As soon as i quite the client everything works as usual. Is there any setting i should be aware of? Or do you guys have any idea of what i could be? If theres any more information you need from me to help solve this problem, please let me know.

Many thanks!

Best regards.

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Dear Friends.

My Utorrent stops seeding and downloading with the movement of cursor and restarts after a few seconds.Task bar says "stopped by user activity" Please explain.If I do not move the cursor download continues in few seconds. It works normal in the forced download mode.



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@ rajinda I don't understand why you are posting your issue in this 3 month old thread. What version of µTorrent are you using?

There is a setting on the windows client under Bandwidth called "Stop transfers on user interaction" that would create this behavior. Of course this is the Mac forum...

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