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Uploads stop when moving around downloaded folders


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Hey, when I download music albums / collections I check all songs and copy the songs I like to my music library.

But then I want the folder which I checked moved to a subfolder called checked, so I know what I still have to check and what not.

But if I do this utorrent can't find the torrent files because files are missing (duh they aren't in the initial folder anymore), and I feel that I have to give back what I have taken from others, so is there a solution for this, so I can move around the downloaded folders without all those red crosses next to my completed downloads?

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I don't think that is what I mean.

I mean that I want to drag my files to another folder, so not the standard location. If I do this Utorrent can't find the files anymore because the directory has changed. I think the solution lies in a .torrent or .dat file, where the standard directory is embedded, and I need to make a batch file to change that line with the directory to a new directory.

My question is first, am I correct on how to solve this, and if so how to do this?

If not what should I do then to solve the problem?

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