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Piece of files and Private tracker


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Hello and sorry for my poor english .

One noob question :)

When i try download torrent file (piece of file ...not full ) from private tracker.

The tracker has my download as full(stay ever in download ), even if I have taken only one piece.

And the tracker register me as a busy slot

Is possible have the solution ...or the problem is the tracker ?

thanks for reply ..and sorry for my bad english !


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That's an issue relative to the tracker. Check their FAQ or board to have more info.

Possible reply:

In all cases the seeding slots are unlimited. However if you have already filled all your available download slots and try to start seeding you will receive the same error. In this case you must free at least one download slot in order to start all your seeds and then start the download. If all your download slots are filled the system will deny any connection before validating if you want to download or seed. So first start your seeds and after that your downloads.
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Thanks for reply Moogly :)

well....i understand you!

but i ask if possible utorrent recognize the "piece" torrent from the "full" torrent downloaded .

In this way the tracker can check who really stay in download whit full torrent.

Becouse if i download one "piece", the tracker know me for ever leeching the file !

i hope understand me !

thanks again

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If your are leeching a file from a multifiles torrent, the tracker reports you are downloading a torrent (WHATEVER if it's the entire torrent or just some files) and counts a download slot as busy. Period.

And as I said previously, reporting download slots is an ability relative to the tracker not to uTorrent client.

You are downloading a torrent from this private tracker and it reports one busy slot, whatever you are downloading 1, 2, 3 or all pieces of the torrent.

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Yeah, sometimes people get... dinged by their trackers when they see HUNDREDS of peers in a large package thinking (i can upload to that many), and don't realize packages that large are rarely seeded by people, only selective downloading.

It's just another reason why private trackers stink. http://azureuswiki.com/index.php/User:The8472/Private_trackers

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