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troubleshoot- file type error, comp wont recognize to open in utorrent


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Hey all,

I looked around for an answer on this, so i apologize if i missed it somewhere ...... ill timidly reach out and ask this ..... prolly a stupid question anyway, but i cant figure it out!

I recently had my lappy restored and Windows XP Pro installed, and ive updated via windows microsoft updates and all that good stuff

and i have uTorrent

but when i click on a torrent to download (ive tried many many many) instead of the usual pop-up that allows to open in utorrent, I am now getting this message ..... "do you want to save this file or find a program online to open it" options: find, save, cancel .... "type: unknown file type" (im sure you all know that message lol)

so basically my comp isnt recognizing the file to then open with utorrent, i believe

what am i missing? a program or somethin?

thank you very much for helpin!


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ahhh well i saw that, but it didnt quite work for me like that lol didnt have the same options as the faq

worked it out tho

heres what i did, my apologies if it sounds basic/stupid

right clicked on 'download torrent' .... click 'save target as' .... saved to desktop or anywhere .... clicked 'open' ... then proceeded with 'browse to find a program to open this with' ... found and higlighted utorrent and checked 'always associate this type of file with this' or whatever

kinda the same, lil diff maybe?


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