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Lost my torrent links/trackers


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Guys, one of my drives crashed last night and I lost all the torrent stuff. Well, I HAD the already downloaded torrents backup up but I forgot to actually back up the torrents or whatever it's called that you download in order for the program to get the file/movie for you.

Is there a way to update that or not? I wouldn't care but I've amassed a few hundred torrents and I don't want to sit and do them all one by one plus, I would possibly have to download them from scratch



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Yep, laptop is formatted and gone. Gave it to a buddy whom I owed money.

.torrent files, is that those small files that you download? If so, then THEY are the ones that are gone.

I have SOME of them left I think but far from all.


Well, this is weird. I posted another reply but now I don't see it and when I got notification that there was a new reply and I clicked the link, it took me to a whole different page on here and NOT in this thread.

Anyway, the drive I THOUGHT was bad came up running so I managed to make a copy of my torrents so I'm good to go.

Thanks guys



Alright, update.

I renamed my drives and now of course, the stuff isn't working again :)

Ok, so I'm a dumbass but if I weren't, yall wouldn't have a reason to be in the forum..

I tried to put the path to the new location in the proggy and then do the force recheck bit it wont' do anything and if I try to download something it simply starts and then stops within a minute or so.

Also, the program doesn't see how much I've downloaded already.

Any advice?


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