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Newbie is confused


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Hello All

I downloaded and installed Utorrent, and being a Vuze user, I could use some help understanding how utorrent compares or even works:

In Vuze, I search a keyword of what I'm looking for, and then I sift thru all the choices, choose, and then download.

But it seems like Utorrent searches for torrents but doesn't actually provide the download? I don't really get it.

(At my level, I cannot figure out how to advance search on Vuze, and I use to be able to use emule, when someone configured it for me, but now it won't work because I lost the port or proxy configuration?

And I have searched, but I still can't even get a clear picture in my head of the seed / peer relationship!)

So I really am trying to understand, and hoping to find some help here.



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