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Torrent Starts, then Stops


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A little bit of background:


* Windows XP SP3

* No AV

* No Firewall (other than the Windows Firewall)

* No Router, just modem

* Comcast ISP


Now to describe my problem... every time I load a torrent, no matter how many seeders and leechers, all of the sudden it will take off, then turn around and stop completely... However there are no tracker problems, no nothing... I just don't get it. My internet connection is fine, I've tried changing ports, but all it does is start then stop... So I'm trying bittornado (ewww) but no luck... But with uTorrent the download doesn't become red, it stays blue and just doesn't download... I'm thinking maybe I need to reload my computer... I've also tried uTorrent Beta (latest) as well as the stable version... Also have tried going to 1.7.7... So I don't know what else to do really.. So please let me know if you have any ideas.

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