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optimizing UTorrent of seedbox


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i dont know,

I rented the seedbox from superseedbox.. the connection is supposed to be 1 gbps..

i downloaded a movie 700mb in less than 30s and the speed was 30mb/s.

but the upload speed is 100-900 kb/s,

it's ok?

"upload slots = 40",

" connections global = 1000",

" connection per-torrent = 200"


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No, I cannot because I don't know within 1 MAGNITUDE how fast your line is.

900 KiloBYTES/second upload speed can be done with ~8 megabit/sec upload bandwidth.

But that doesn't mean you don't have more...because the peers you were uploading to could've just been really slow!

You could have 10 megabit/sec, 100 megabit/sec, or 1000 megabit/sec upload!

...Or something in between.

Assuming it's 10 megabit/sec upload, try the settings listed in 2nd link in my signature for that.

Don't limit upload max! TEST it some more to see if upload speed goes considerably higher than 1 MB/sec...while you have at least 30 connected broadband peers.

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