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Settings for ISPs who throttle traffic


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Could someone assist me in telling me which settings to put if my ISP throttles bittorent traffic.

I know abt peer_lazy_bitfield but wat abt the new PE released in the beta version. PE in utorrent has many options, which shd i use.

And wat abt the box ticked for legacy connections by default. What does legacy mean?

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@1c3d0g: I started that torrent, and I see one other 141B user from the setardsl.aw domain. I'm downloading from that peer, but it's not using encryption. I'm using "Enabled (all traffic)" and "Allow legacy incoming connections." :|

EDIT1: Strange thing is, I see a total of 3 seeds and 4 peers, however I'm only showing 3 seeds and 1 peer in the Peers tab. I don't have any other torrents running. I wonder why they're not being listed, as I've definitely not reached my max connections.

EDIT2: I told it to "Force Encryption" and now it's working. Why did it not do it by default with "Enabled (all traffic)"?

EDIT3: Matter of fact, when I switched to back to "Enabled (all traffic)", after a few minutes the encrypted peer switched back to not using encryption.

EDIT4: It's very strange. The FAQ states that "Enabled (All traffic): Allows the use of PE and attempts to use it to encrypt ALL traffic, but falls back to normal mode if the encrypted connection fails." However, for me, it uses normal mode first. If I force encryption, then that peer will have an E flag. If I turn it back to "enabled (all traffic)" then after a few moments, the peer loses its E flag. Seems like it's reverting back to normal mode even though both peers have encryption turned on.

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That's me, but the behaviour you're describing is very strange. :/ Like you said, µTorrent should try Encryption first, and IF that fails, µTorrent should fall back to normal mode. So according to you that doesn't happen, huh? Looks like we'll have to test it again with Ludde. :|

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Yeah, that seems to be how it is working. I let it sit for about 5 minutes, and I was receiving data from you, unencrypted. It was in "Enabled (all traffic)" mode. So I switched to "Forced Encryption" and within a few moments, you had the E flag. I switched it back to "Enabled (all traffic)" and it took the E flag off after about two minutes. I was still receiving data from you, it just stopped using encryption.

Should I post a bug report, or are you going to mention it to Ludde yoruself?



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yeah, same behaviour from those describe above

using build 413

if i enable Forced Encryption, only connected to 1 client (1c3d0g)

my download speed from 1c3d0g seem to increase after switch to Forced Encryption (from 0.xxkb/s to 8-9kb/s),

but after a while it stop downloading and switch back to normal mode, hmm

need more clients for testing

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