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Error files misisng in job


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newbie here

i downloaded a torrent using bittorrent now i know that bittorrent & utorrent are almost the same/similar.

i tried to view the movie, i cot codec programs, xp codec pack, gspot and avicodec as well. reading stuff from the web and googling to make sure i was doing what was needed and tried ot sort it out.

could onlt view 45secs of the film.

downloaded to my downloads. the file contains files with following names afo-xvid-nhd.002 till 038. all fine.

i force started the torrent again and the download was incomplete. its downloading the rest as we type.

what i've read from the forum i understand but please help with following.

1. if i choose download location - where must i set it to as i have no problems with space on my c-drive - over 120gb left.

2. can/must i choose a different download location than where it was oricinally downloaded?

3. if the downlaod is 100% will or must the upload be 100% too, if it isnt 100% for upload and if needed who do i get it to 100%?

4. to force a re-check you just press the greeb play button/starto the selected torrent?

if i have any more problems i will be in contact


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