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Slow speeds, unstable speeds and not a lot connections with seeds


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Since last week I've had this problem. Slow speeds, and when a high speed would be reached by a torrent, usually it slows down in a sudden from around 100kB/s - 150kB/s it lowers to around 10 to 20kB/s.

Also torrents which have like 200 seeds and 1000 peers, uTorrent connects with 3-15 seeds and like 45-69 peers, but the speed would not be higher than 20kB/s. Before I've had torrents with speeds like 250kb/s. I've tried seeing if it's properly set up like in your guides ect. but with no positive effect for it was properly set up. I've also tried to change my upload speed but with no positive effects also.

I tried to download the openoffice torrent and it gave me satisfactory results like 250kB/s (my usual download high speed). in one of your guides it says that if this happens then the problem is with the swarms if this is true, what can I do?

I'm using Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate and I've installed Service pack 2 last week but the problem of slow speed and not a lot connections with lot of seeds when available and unstable speeds was before that like 2 or 3 days before I installed the service pack 2 so the new service pack shouldn't be the issue, I tried to turn off the windows firewall but no positive changes. I also checked if Utorrent isn't blocked and it's not.

When I change the speed from the speed guide to the lowest speed, if I have like 4 or 3 active torrents, only 1 remains downloading and the others get Qeued.

I'm using a laptop and connects thourgh a wireless router then to the modem but before the problem I was satisfied with my speeds so I don't think that my router is the issue. I've also tried to change the port but with no effect, and the setting that random ports isn't checked as it should be according to your guides. Also my laptop is close to the router so the connection is high actually it's telling me that it's excellent.

These are my laptop & router specs:




Core 2 Duo T8100 @ 2.10GHz



Model Number: SMCWBR14S-N2

Speed: 144.0Mbps

IPv4 Connectivity: Internet

IPv6 Connectivity: Limited

Signal Quality: Excellent

I Hope that I provided enough info.

Thanks for reading my topic and sorry if I caused any trouble before for posting in others topics, if there's something wrong with it, but I didn't know that it's something wrong, and I got banned for 2 days becuase of that. Sorry if I caused any inconvience.

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OK but from where do uncheck the resolve IP, please?

Becuase these settings were as defualt enabled, and DHT do I disable all 2 (DHT network & for new torrent)

May I ask you why do I need to change these now? I've been using Utorrent for like 6 months, without changing any settings without any problems, until last week.

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Yes disable BOTH types of DHT.

Resolve IPs is disabled in the PEERS window -- select a torrent and right-click in the PEERS window to get the menu to come up. (Not the easiest-to-find option, for sure!)

So what 6 settings are you using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

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upload limit 20kB/s

Connections per torrent: 125

Max active torrents: 25

Upload slots: 50

Connections (global): 1000

Max active downloads: 25

I've already tried changing to 256k but no effect and lots of my active torrents got queued so I cusomized them.

thanks for your help again.

My internet connection speed is 256k according to my internet bill.

& no I haven't used the settings in your 2nd link, I saw them but I tried them,but when I did, I saw no effect.

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It's not always obvious how badly your uTorrent settings screw over others...unless they impact your download speed as a result.

But splitting a global upload max of only 20 KB/sec between up to 25 Max active torrents...and then splitting that tiny 20/25th KB/sec again between up to 50 upload slots PER torrent...means you really hate whoever you're uploading to.

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OK I'm changing them now according to your 2nd link, didn't know sry :o

Changed the settings according to your 2nd link, what now?

on the bill it says 2Mbx256K, to be exact

I've changed tem to the 256values, did I do it right? Or I have to change them acording to 2Mbit?

My usual upload speed is like 28kB/s

The green light turned to yellow now

I also tried to use another torrent client software but the same thing happens, slow speed ect.

I only changed the settings that there would be max number of active torrents 7 & max number of downloads to 6 now, the rest is just as before, except that I changed the settings according to that 2nd link, awaiting your instructions now.

The torrent which has like 200 seeds & 1200 peers, still the utorrent connects to like 5 seeds only, and all the speed of the torrents is slow, not higher than 20kB/s

Could be a problem from the internet provider? becuase there's an internet speed test, when I take it the speed would be like 79kB/s when before it was like 256kB/s

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