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Error: Can't open .torrent file: + Error: Unable to save torrent to --


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I've used Utorrent for quite a long time and it's working well. I download directly to my external hardrive. I was out travelling, wanted to download a file and thought I might could change the file location as I didn't bring my external harddrive. It didn't work to change location folder, so that I didn't do more about it.

Problem is, when I returned back home and connected to my external harddrive - which works perfectly well with the computer - I get these errors:

Old torrents I didnt finish before leaving:

Error: Can't open .torrent file: [old file names]

New torrents I tried download (from different torrent pages):

Error: Unable to save torrent to [name of my utorrent folder on the external harddrive]

How can I make it work again?

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Right click on Vista circle icon ( = Start in XP) > properties > 2nd tab (Start pane)

Then click on button "Customize" on the right of line "Start menu" then CHECK box "Run command".

So whan you will browse Start menu, Run line will be present and you should execute commands.

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