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Port forwarding entry repeated over and over


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hi there,

when i first installed bittorrent in my computer it opened 4 ports in my router firewall (2 for bittorrent and 2 for dna, one each for udp and tcp).

today i was checking my lan servers tab for another reason and noticed that the 4 port entries for bittorent and dna are repeated over and over to about 100 replicas.

they're all related to the same ports (49999 and 35967), but there's loads of them.

is this some sort of bug or is it standard behaviour? because it kind of makes it annoying to scroll around trying to find the entry i need.

also, is there any way i can delete them all at once? my router is a sagem fast 3102 and my connection is adsl.

thanks in advance and please let me know if this topic is out of place or out of order, im a complete noob.


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