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Record highs.... On just one torrent....


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I Usually i only reach download speeds of around 30-60kbps max, then recently it plunged to a constant 0.1- 3kbps period, not going any higher.

In desperation I followed every form of help mentioned, tweaking connection settings, encryption, static IP configuration, disabling DHT UPnP and NAT-PMP and changing the net_max.halfopen to 4, and after doing all this i reached record highs of up to 700kbps!!

But... only on the suggested Opensource and Slackware torrents, every other torrent is getting speeds of 3kbps max. SO frustrating!

The available seeds and peers on some torrents im using are in their thousands, on such torrents from Axxo, but my downloads are always looking like this:

Seeds Peers

2(4356) 13(7235)

Am i doing something completely and utterly obviously wrong?

And i keep loosing connection to seeds aswell...

and my upload speeds are staying around 10-20kbps whilst getting no d/l speed -.-

Just one more thing.. Im not as technically adept enough to understand fully, but after following the setup guides from this forum, is my connection for utorrent TCP or UDP? I have select the port as both types, should i change it to just one? which one?

Thanks !

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You seem to be on one of the really hostile ADSL ISPs in the UK that gets its access through Carphone Warehouse Broadband Services. They disrupt and throttle BitTorrent traffic.

Try disabling DHT and Resolve IPs...and setting outgoing encryption to FORCED and disable incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections.

uTorrent uses TCP for "regular" peer and seed connections and UDP for Teredo IPv6 and uTP peer and seed connections.

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Thanks for the reply, ive deleted settings.dat.old in%AppData%\uTorrent and started again using your tips, and things have actually been a little better. I think a change of ISP eventually

No need to intstall Teredo?

Thanks for clearing that up

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