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Bittorrent cant locate the files that is been downloaded.10 GB Wasted?


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I was downloading FEAR 2 using Bittorrent Mainstream Client 6.1.1 ( original bittorrent.)

I pressed the resume button and after , I received a pop-up warning saying:

FEAR2_Project_Origin ......................... NEEDED. Files are missing , please check the files.

I used BitComet to download the "same" torrent , but I received null connection.

So I Switched back to Bittorrent client.

After 10 minutes erasing the BitComet download files , The Bittorrent gave me that warning and it tells me to check files before downloading?!

Stupid Bitcomet deleted the Bittorrent files accidently? They were in same folder.

Did I Just waste 10 GB accidently?

Anyway to recover those files?

Thanks - Help is very appreciated.


(sorry if this is the wrong place to post.)

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Downloads are seperate. I didnt switch to BitComet after recieving warning.

I tried to download it from BitComet client. But it didnt work so I switched back to BitTorrent client.

After I deleted the BitComents torrent data it BitTorrent asked for where are the files are?

The Files .rar files are there , and opens perfectly ( not all ) Bittorrent cant locate the files. Re-check have been done , it is now reduced to 36.5 percent. Thanks anyway.

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