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Conservative Settings Chart (Alternate Speed Guide for uTorrent)


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Almost NO Cable line or ADSL line should use settings higher than 2 mbit/sec upload speed!

These links explains my chart further:



╔═══════════════╦═══════════╦═══════════╦══════════╗║CONNECTION TYPE║  UPLOAD   ║CONNECTIONS║MAX ACTIVE║║(UPLOAD MAXIMUM║Limit│Slots║ Torr│ MAX ║Torr│Down.║╠═══════════════╬═════╪═════╬═════╪═════╬════╪═════╣║ Dial-up(28.8k)║    2│    1║    4│    5║   1│    1║║ Dial-up(56k)  ║    3│    1║    5│    6║   1│    1║║Single ISDN(64k║    5│    2║   10│   15║   1│    1║║ Dual ISDN(128k║    9│    3║   20│   25║   1│    1║║  64 kbit/sec  ║    5│    2║   20│   25║   1│    1║║  80 kbit/sec  ║    6│    2║   25│   30║   1│    1║║  96 kbit/sec  ║    7│    3║   25│   30║   1│    1║║ 128 kbit/sec  ║    9│    3║   30│   35║   1│    1║║ 160 kbit/sec  ║   13│    3║   30│   40║   1│    1║║ 192 kbit/sec  ║   17│    3║   30│   50║   2│    1║║ 224 kbit/sec  ║   20│    3║   35│   55║   2│    1║║ 256 kbit/sec  ║   22│    3║   35│   60║   2│    1║║ 320 kbit/sec  ║   29│    3║   35│   80║   3│    2║║ 384 kbit/sec  ║   35│    4║   40│   90║   3│    2║║ 448 kbit/sec  ║   40│    4║   40│  100║   3│    2║║ 512 kbit/sec  ║   47│    4║   40│  100║   4│    3║║ 640 kbit/sec  ║   60│    4║   45│  120║   4│    3║║ 700 kbit/sec  ║   65│    4║   45│  140║   5│    4║║ 768 kbit/sec  ║   72│    5║   50│  150║   5│    4║║ 800 kbit/sec  ║   75│    5║   50│  160║   6│    5║║ 900 kbit/sec  ║   82│    5║   55│  180║   6│    5║║   1 mbit/sec  ║   92│    6║   60│  200║   7│    6║║   1.5 mbit/sec║  140│    7║   60│  250║   8│    7║║   2 mbit/sec  ║  186│    7║   60│  300║  10│    8║║   2.5 mbit/sec║  250│    8║   60│  320║  12│    8║║   3 mbit/sec  ║  300│    8║   65│  330║  13│    9║║   4 mbit/sec  ║  400│    9║   70│  350║  14│   10║║   5 mbit/sec  ║  500│   10║   70│  400║  15│   10║║   8 mbit/sec  ║  800│   15║   80│  450║  17│   12║║  10 mbit/sec  ║ 1000│   20║  100│  500║  20│   15║║  15 mbit/sec  ║ 1500│   22║  100│  550║  23│   17║║  20 mbit/sec  ║ 2000│   25║  100│  600║  25│   20║║  25 mbit/sec  ║ 2500│   26║  100│  620║  27│   21║║  30 mbit/sec  ║ 3000│   27║  100│  650║  30│   23║║  40 mbit/sec  ║ 4000│   28║  100│  700║  40│   25║║  50 mbit/sec  ║ 5000│   30║  100│  800║  50│   30║║  80 mbit/sec  ║ 8000│   40║  100│  900║  80│   35║║ 100 mbit/sec  ║10000│   50║  100│ 1000║ 100│   40║╠═══════════════╬═════╪═════╬═════╪═════╬════╪═════╣║CONNECTION TYPE║  UPLOAD   ║CONNECTIONS║MAX ACTIVE║║(UPLOAD MAXIMUM║Limit│Slots║ Torr│ MAX ║Torr│Down.║╚═══════════════╩═════╧═════╩═════╧═════╩════╧═════╝


Connection Type/ Upload Maximum = UPLOAD speed in kilobits/sec OR megabits/sec. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH DOWNLOAD SPEED MAX! A "10 megabit/sec" cable line has that speed only for download...upload speed is likely 1 megabit/sec OR LESS!

UPLOAD Limit = Maximum Upload (Speed) Rate in KiloBYTES/second

Upload Slots = Number of upload slots per torrent (number of peers to upload to at once)

Connections Torr = Maximum number of Connected peers per Torrent

Connections MAX = Global Maximum number of Connections

MAX ACTIVE Torr = Maximum Number of Active Torrents (This is Seeding PLUS Downloading!)

MAX ACTIVE Down. = Maximum Number of Active Downloading Torrents

Using settings too high for your connection can overload and/or slow down your computer, network, and connection...and may even severely impact the local segment of your ISP! (That is why most YouTube uTorrent/BitTorrent Speedup videos are BAD!)

My changes from uTorrent's built-in Speed Guide settings are generally minor. There is a slight increase in active and downloading torrents. Dial-up values are more usable now. :)

Max Upload Speed past 2 megabit/sec is 100 KB/sec per 1 megabit/sec. You may want to adjust it slightly down or up based on whether or not you're sharing the connection or have a really stable line. If you adjust more than 25% either way, lower or higher other settings may be more appropriate.

Max connections may seem low, but many consumer networking hardware and software products cannot handle 100+ connections at once!

This Maximum Simultaneous Connections test shows just how AWFUL many consumer Routers are:


Some torrent/s have fewer than 10 peer/seed connections, so max global connections doesn't need to be max connections per torrent times max active torrents. At lower upload speeds, fewer connections are needed to max out upload speeds and hopefully download speeds as well.

Average upload slot speed NEEDS to be at least 2 KB/sec but does not need to be higher than 10 KB/sec while downloading. At the very highest end, max global connections prevents average upload slot speed from being below 10 KB/sec.

"DEFAULT" Connection Type/ Upload Maximum is my proposed values for uTorrent if you NEVER chnged uTorrent's settings after first run.

2 new special connection types added:

single ISDN 64 kilobits/second and dual ISDN 128 kilobits/second have equal down and up max and don't NEED many connections to max out their low download speeds.

Added "common" upload speeds and for people who get less than ISP-rated amounts:

80, 160, 224, 320, 448, 700, 800, 900 kilobits/second

1.5, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 8, 15, 25, 30, 80 megabits/second

320 kilobits/second can handle 2 downloading torrents at once and is semi-common.

800 kilobits/second is the upper end for many ADSL lines, because their theoretical upload max is only ~1 megabit/second (for ADSL 1 -- ADSL 2+ in theory might reach 1.5-3 megabit/sec, but ISPs generally give less)

1.5 megabits/second is ye old T-1 line, top-end ADSL 2+, and fast cable connections.

2.5 to 30 megabits/second are semi-common for fiber optic lines (Verzion FIOS) and the fastest cable lines.

80 megabits/second is for those who aren't getting a full 100 megabits/second upload connection.

I dropped upload speeds faster than 100 mbit/sec. Anyone with a line that fast should know what they're doing!

These are recommended values to get the most people working without problems.

Even these settings aren't great for overseeded torrents, nearly dead torrents, PRIVATE TRACKERS!

There is "room" for additional connections if you have robust networking hardware and software plus a fast and stable line...just consider uTorrent's built-in Speed Guide settings as a decent upper limit for max connections.

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Switech doesn't mention the net.max_halfopen limit (until further down) while many other setting-tweakers do. This is because tweaking the net.max_halfopen setting doesn't actually get you better speeds. Thus from a 'finding optimal or conservative settings' point-of-view the net.max_halfopen setting isn't important.

It is only with specific problems where increasing or decreasing the net.max_halfopen setting can sometimes help. For example trying the value 4 has helped with some problems and the value 100 has helped with other problems. So if you think there is actually something wrong then it might be worth a shot to try these values just to see if they help.

HOWEVER!, do NOT increase the advanced net.max_halfopen value in Windows versions that have an OS level halfopen limit. This almost certainly WILL lead to connectivity issues (aka browser and other internet programs are either slow or not working at all). I'm talking about:

Windows XP*

Windows Vista without it's SP2 installed

And even if you don't have an OS level limit changing the net.max_halfopen value can cause issues, especially with some consumer-grade routers. So keep in mind that you might be making things worse instead of better, and also keep in mind that it might take minutes, hours or sometimes even days before such issues crop up.

* Technically speaking, windows XP didn't have the OS limit until it got SP2. But it is NOT recommended to run windows XP without at least SP2 installed.

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Quite a read, and nicely laid out :D

The ONLY addition I would make is to actively change the DEFAULT presentation of the speed guide on first run to something highly restrictive (maybe 28.8), so those who are paying attention would at least see SOMETHING is up and further investigation is needed. Currently 0/4/50/200/8/5 is lenient in upload slots, active connections, and active torrents for most people who would be using the software. Oh and unlimited upload as a default?! I'm surprised it hasn't been changed before now.

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Can anybody tell me, why we are still keeping this xx/number formula, which is absolutely not understandable for the noobs anyway? Everybody forgot their posts with plea for help with their speed, where one after another were happily selecting their download speed (not paying any attention for some kind of "stupid xx" before)?

I suggest changing it for (for example):

dial 56kbit

64kbit upload

96kbit upload

128kbit upload

192kbit upload


where word "upload" should be bolded, red coloured and with font 150% (at least) size larger than the rest. Or maybe we should even consider whole "upload, NOT DOWNLOAD!" sentence. Ah, and why it's written 1mbit, but 64k? Bit suffix should be added everywhere, it's not only a consequence matter, it does give some extra chance for newbies not to confuse bits with bytes.

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kurahashi, I Agree! It takes VERY little space to change the way to post them from:



"64kbit UPLOAD"

...Or better yet, like you suggest:

"64 kilobits/second UPLOAD bandwidth"

This simple change would reduce probably more than 50% of newbie confusion. Though many ISPs don't bother to mention upload bandwidth limit...even hiding it in fine print, or not mentioning it AT ALL on promotionals! :mad:

(A certain CenturyTel ad comes to mind...and I thought they might be an ok ISP!)

I shall go back and edit my chart to better reflect the 'upload nature' of the settings...though I may take a day to finally post it. Going to have to try reformatting columns and all. :P

I kinda want more replies on further tweaks and suggestions, especially if 1 speed seems like it has too-low or ridiculous settings.

I still think maybe dial-up 28.8k should probably have fewer connections...and even dial-up 56k probably as well! But I want others' opinions on that before I make that change, especially from people who actually USE uTorrent on dial-up!


I do admit xx/200mbit , xx/500mbit , xx/1gbit values will probably "never" be used. Even many connections rated that fast on download probably have their upload being tied up by data center related traffic, especially for big websites/servers.

Even the xx/5mbit setting will almost never be used, except by people who mistakenly think their upload equals their download on cable and ADSL lines. :P


I guess I should mention a recommended "no settings" starting default value as well...since most people probably won't work too well with unlimited upload speed, 4 upload slots, 50 connections per torrent, 200 global max, 8 active torrents, and 5 downloading torrents is total overkill for anything short of 1+ megabit/sec upload lines. ...and even then the unlimited upload is overkill probably for 10 megabit/sec upload lines.

So, for a "no settings" starting default value...let's assume an "average" setting of about xx/256k:

Upload Speed: 20 KiloBYTES/sec

Upload Slots: 3

Connections Per Torrent: 30

Global Connection Max: 50

Active Torrents: 2

Max Active Downloading Torrents: 1

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Is there any other important/common speed settings that are different enough than the others to merit adding them to Speed Guide?

(If you mention stuff faster than 100 megabits/sec upload speed...ANYONE with a line that fast *SHOULD* know enough about networking to use manual settings themselves. :lol: )

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I think your ramping-up of connections is beautiful, and i love the DEFAULT setting ;) I didn't want to clutter the thread with my praise of you :P The default setting was my real gripe, and ANY change to the drop-down which makes it clearer to the end-user (I should find a 6 year old and ask them about the uT UI)... == GOOD :D :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

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  • 1 month later...

I have "dual ISDN 128kbits/sec", and those values are pretty much perfect for half the torrents I download.

The thing is, you do in fact get a higher download speed with a higher "connections" setting on torrents that have bad seed to peer ratios (more peers than seeds).

For a while I was setting my Connections Per Torrent to either 30 or 60 depending on the torrent I was downloading (with Global Connections obviously set higher). But I got sick of changing it and right now I'm sticking with 45.

All those connection settings are absolutely perfect for well seeded torrents without many peers. But I believe the current default speed guide settings are slightly nicer to your connection for the meaner torrents. I'm not sure if this applies to the broadband connections.

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The settings are a little conservative.

However that is the point:

To work with the most connections/networks/situations/software with the least problems...maximizing download speed is only a secondary goal.

The higher your upload speed, the easier it is to find others that will return the favor. So as long as your upload speed PER upload slot is reasonable, even very low connections per torrent (such as 10!) is often enough to get download speeds at least equal to upload speeds. And the numbers I suggested should still yield good results even on poorly-seeded torrents.

The settings also have another goal: make good sharers!

Totally maximizing download speed is often done at the expense of others on the same torrents.

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  • 1 month later...

You're using a messed up font on your browser? I'm using monospace, so there's no reason it shouldn't line up (and it does line up across all browsers I've tested).

Edit: Or er... screen resolution? :/ The old list didn't line up for me (it wasn't even using a fixed-width font).

Colored lines are simply the new ones that Switeck added... It doesn't really matter what it means to anyone else, really.

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No, I'm using spaces. Your font is stupid, and not truly fixed-width. I bolded the red lines to make them easier to distinguish from the other lines, and your font doesn't have fixed widths for bolded characters. I'll remove the bolding, I guess. Or maybe I should hard-code Courier New instead...

Edit: Unbolded.

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Thanks for the adjustments on Global Max Connection. I'm already seeing improved numbers on my torrents! :) The max connections for ADSL up to and including 768 kilobits still seem a little aggressive. Not a problem with my new Linksys WRT54GL with modded firmware :) but old Netgear router would die with numbers like that. My 2Wire 1800HG at home seems to be handling these suggested figures just fine.

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I'm fine with it as long as I know who edited it. :P

Yeah, it looked TERRIBLE before so almost any formatting change is an improvement.

I made it larger to almost fill the page at 1024x768 maximized (on Mozilla FireFox).

It's hard to hold the max connections below 100 if you're at 768 kilobits/sec upload speed.

You've got to have at least 20 connections per torrent for megabit/sec and faster DOWNLOAD connections...otherwise torrents with few seeds will likely choke with all the peers at the same percentage.

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Uh, is there any reason in particular that you increased the size to 1.3em...? I intentionally set it to 0.9em so that it could be viewed even in the default theme without issue... As it currently is, it's wrapping.

I wonder if I should bug Firon to make [noparse]

[/noparse] use monospace on the phpbb blue skin...

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Not a clue.

And I'm not sure what the problem would be with asking Firon to change phpbb blue. The other skins properly use monospace for the code tags -- phpbb blue doesn't. Whether ugly or not, I don't really care; for me, it's a matter of familiarity (I've been with this skin since the very beginning, so bleh).

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