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Conservative Settings Chart (Alternate Speed Guide for uTorrent)


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Can you suggest settings for me please?

This is the speed i have:


and i'm connected through Dlink dir-655 router.

for now i'm using recommended setings acording to "Setup guide" and 10Mbps (without upload limit) and download speed from internet was max about 1.5-1.6 MBps but upload doesnt go higher then 1.1-1.2...


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Okay, so I'm a relative newbie as far as changing stuff on uTorrent goes, but I guess I shoul be using the values for 512kbit/sec?

Well, either way, I can change it if it's wrong, but when I put in the values, one of my torrents shot up to downloading at ~300kB/s and is maintaining it, and another hit ~100kB/s, and is maintaining it... but my third just won't download at all. Or the highest it gets is 10kB/s and is averaging at ~0.4kB/s.

So a little bit confused here :S

Anyway thanks in advance for any suggestions/recommendations :D

EDIT: while I've made a post, I might as well ask, "what does forcing download actually do?"

Because it doesn't ever seem to affect anything when I've ever tried it. So yeah, what is it supposed to do, and if you can be bothered to explain, how does it work / when should it be used?

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Each torrent is its own little pocket file sharing network. If there's few/bad peers+seeds on one, there may be little-to-nothing you can do to improve the speeds of that 1 torrent.

So...the 3rd torrent you're having problems with, how many seeds and peers are you connected to?

How many peers on it are you uploading to?

While uploading to a peer, are you uploading at least 3 KB/sec to it?

Forcing-starting a torrent means it ignores queue settings rules. This can play havoc with uTorrent's performance, as having too many active torrents at once often means connection/networking overload and considerably reduced speeds.

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First of all, allow me to thank you for such a quick response :D

For the aforementioned 'third torrent', I seem to be uploading to 3 people at ~3.5kB/s, and a few others at < 1kB/s (which is strange becaue I thought I'd limited each torrent to have only 3 upload slots... meh).

I am in total connected to 7 seeds and 8 peers, yet only getting a download rate of ~10kB/s still, although this seems to vary depending on a different torrent which is fluctuating between 100-500kB/s very erratically. This also affects the uploading speed to other people and seems to decrease it, which is bad.

I suppose I shall just seed for the rest of the year then :)

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Did you have the box checked to allow additional upload slots if "slow"?

Look especially at which peers are giving you the most of the torrent. Is uTorrent returning the favor to them? (It may not be able to if they're at 90+% and you're at <10%.)

Your line might work ok (outside of peak evening hours) with 640 kbit/sec upload settings, so try that. If not, you can experiment with settings between 512 and 640 kbit/sec.

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thanks I really appreciate the help.

I will go with the 900 kbit/sec upload settings to be on the safe side.

Also after I set it to that and it works fine I do not need to use the set up guide in the speed problem for Ultima's troubleshooting guide in your signature link unless I have problems with the speed right?

Thank you for the help.

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Thanks for the help really appreciate it the help.

Also was wondering after I download 2.0.4 do I have to download something else with it or just the utorrent?

Also when I install it has let utorrent through the firewall checked so I canceled the install so I can ask here if its safe to leave it checked or should I uncheck it?

Thanks for the help.

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Thank you for the info.

I have downloaded 2.0.4 and unchecked the letting utorrent through my firewall and I downloaded 2 torrents.

They downloaded pretty fast and I set up my bandwidth and queueing to the 900 kbit/sec in your chart.

Also after they finished downloading the 2 torrents went in the inactive category and it also says that it is seeding and sometimes one torrent goes to the active category to upload.

I want to know if this is normal and if its uploading because I want to upload and not just be a leech.

I am not entirely sure where it says that I have uploaded and much as I have downloaded but I think its the ''RAT'' column which says 0.0 in both torrents.

Please help me out here I would really appreciate every help.

Thank you.

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