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Conservative Settings Chart (Alternate Speed Guide for uTorrent)


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I have to know a working monospace font format and/or working tab stops to fix it. :(

You shouldn't be using tabs with monospaced fonts anyway; just use spaces.

Edit: Actually just looked through the header/footer of the chart real quick; you just need to put in some extra "═" characters to fill in where it looks like the body cells were extended past original lengths. If you want, I could hack out the fixed header and footer for you (I just checked it in Notepad and it looks good to me). ;)

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I already changed the chart recently once because of forum changes...only to find out this message forum doesn't handle a lot of text formatting in predictable ways. And there are no tabs. The monospaced fonts did not work at all. Neither did the font point size.

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╔════════════════╦═══════════╦═══════════╦══════════╗║CONNECTION TYPE ║  UPLOAD   ║CONNECTIONS║MAX ACTIVE║║(UPLOAD MAXIMUM)║Limit│Slots║ Torr│ MAX ║Torr│Down.║╠════════════════╬═════╪═════╬═════╪═════╬════╪═════╣║ DEFAULT        ║   20│    3║   30│   40║   2│    1║║ Dial-up (28.8k)║    2│    1║    4│    5║   1│    1║
║ 100 mbit/sec   ║10000│   40║  200│ 1000║ 100│   40║╠════════════════╬═════╪═════╬═════╪═════╬════╪═════╣║CONNECTION TYPE ║  UPLOAD   ║CONNECTIONS║MAX ACTIVE║║(UPLOAD MAXIMUM)║Limit│Slots║ Torr│ MAX ║Torr│Down.║╚════════════════╩═════╧═════╩═════╧═════╩════╧═════╝

That won't work being pasted into the existing content?

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@Switeck... hey does anyone know if this chart will work for isp based out of athens greece, im in afghan and trying to set my preff on utorrent is hell, im not sure what they are using like a sattelight concection for bandwith but what i do know they have cat5 cable running to rooms straigh thru pc ...would this chart be a great place to start becuase i cannot get downloads to work propperly , please help

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califab, you may only have a tiny fraction of the shared internet connection AND have BitTorrent traffic blocked/throttled in multiple ways at multiple locations. Conservative speed settings alone won't help.

1st and 3rd links in my signature.

Also try rafi's uTorrent Guide: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820

...Many blocking methods are too thorough to be "defeated", because they block ALL unknown traffic. :(

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Guys, help me out! I live in Toronto, Ontario, and recently got Rogers Express 10Mbps, but my internet is tested as 15Mbps. The problem is, my Utorrent speed is crap! The upload speed can't usually go above 40kbps, and is usually 1kbps. The download speed is usually around 56kbps, and I've seen it jump up to 400kbps once. The problem is, the speed is very low, and jumpy. How can I fix it?


When I uncheck "allow legacy connections in the security protocol, it goes up to 10kbps from 50.

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These charts seems to be based upon one having a rather crappy router / gateway, don't they?

I'm by no means any expert on the matter, but doesn't the number of maximum connections and connected peers per torrent and number of upload slots all depend on your routers capabilities and not your individual bandwidth?

I for instance have a Netgear ProSafe SRX5308 Firewall / Router and it's supposedly capable of running 200'000 concurrent connections and was tested to have no issues what so ever with Smallnetbuilder's cap of 48'924 concurrent connections in their review.

Does this mean I can just push lots and lots of connections, or should I be re-consider my µTorrent settings in order to obtain optimal performance and stability?

Currently I've just gone with these settings:

- Enabled UPnP Port Mapping

- Enabled NAT-PMP Port Mapping

- Add Windows Firewall Exception (Even though it's not running, why would I use it when I got a hardware firewall..)

Max Upload and Download set to: 2250

- Apply rate limit to transport overhead (Enabled)

- Apply rate limit to uTP connections (Enabled)

Global maximum number of connections: 4096

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 1024

Number of upload slots per torrent: 128

Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% (Enabled)

Enable DHT Network

Enable DHT for new torrents

Enable Local Peer Discovery

Enable Bandwidth Management (uTP)

Enable UDP Tracker Support

Ask tracker for scrape information

Enable Peer Exchange

Protocol Encryption: Forced

Allow incoming legacy connections

Maximum number of active torrents: 200

Maximum number of active downloads: 200

Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB): 1024

Enable Caching of Disk Writes

Enable Caching of Disk Reads

Disable Windows caching of disk writes

Disable Windows caching of disk reads

That's my current settings. Or at least all the stuff I've got enabled and change from the default ones.

My connection is a 25/25mbit fibre optic one, my router is as mentioned above a Netgear ProSafe SRX5308, my network card is Intel Pro/1000 ET Dual Server NIC running CAT7 cabling. My operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise not limiting my allowed Windows connections, and it's located on a 4x Intel X25-M 80GB RAID0 array on a LSI MegaRaid 9260-8i RAID card.

Any feedback on my settings would be much appreciated!

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all depend on your routers capabilities and not your individual bandwidth...

Mostly yes. It depends on the weakest link in your Internet connection/line chain.

In most cases it's your bandwidth , router, Windows limitations/settings and so on.

In your case - you seem to be with the best conditions possible, So, I guess it all depends on M$ ... ;) SO , do you get your 25M speed with uT (in practice) ?

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I feel my upload is rather unstable, I can't figure why though.

Might be because I mostly use private trackers, and they tend to be overloaded with seeders making it almost impossible to keep a 1:1 ratio even with a synchronised 25/25mbit connection.

Downloading is going full throttle all the way, no issues with getting 25-26mbit download, but the upload is mostly staying between 8-12mbit.

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Strange, since 2250K limit should cap you to 18M up AND down, so reaching 25M down is over the limit you've mentioned. Still, it should be enough for more upload speed.

Try "enabled " for encryption (not forced). and confirm your upload speed with speedtest.net

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I am running Windows7. I D/L and installed UTorrent2.2 The first thing I did was to set my firewall program settings to allow UTorrent both inbound and outbound both UDP and TCP. I then also set the port settings to 56384 inbound, outbound, UDP, and TCP. Next, I ran set-up, and my problem started there. I simply ran it "as is" with this result avg1hw.jpg

My UPnP and NAT-PMP were already checked. And my firewall was set correctly.


Not being sure what to do about it I followed Switeck's Conservative Settings Chart I using 320kb/s, as that was the closest to my usual upload speed which is about 360kb/s. Then using Rafi's uTorrent v2.X - Best Practice Tips I reset my values according to his recommendations. After all that I ran setup again with this result.


I guess I should mention I am in the Philippines and my ISP is Sun Broadband. Also, it is a wireless connection. Instead of a modem, I have a dongle that plugs into a USB port. There is no router. My average D/L is about 1.5 mb/s and my average U/L is about 360 kb/s. Using UTorrent my average D/L is between 1 and 6 kb/s, and my average U/L is between .1 and 2 kb/s. And, as I said, this is after resetting my values. I am do not mean to imply that my bad speeds are due to Switeck and Rafi. I have read the kudos they have gotten for their posts. I mean that even though I did all these things that have worked for other folks, my speeds are horrendous. Do you know how it feels to D/L a movie and see that the ETA is 47 weeks? I have either done something wrong tweaking, or I have another problem entirely. I am at a loss as to what to do. So, below are my settings as revised to Switeck's and Rafi's posts. And most of the rest of my settings as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

General......... r9kgsn.jpg

Ui settings..... anitjl.jpg



Bandwidth..... 2090i6c.jpg

Bit torrent.......nbbwgl.jpg

Transfer cap...2ng8oeg.jpg

Queue........... n4jozt.jpg

Advance 1......116rmef.jpg


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The chart in the first post.

OK, but what are the exact values for a 400kb/s upload line?

Sorry but I'm still learning how to configure uTorrent and on the first post there are values for a 384 and 448 kb/s.

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I would start with these values

384 kbit/sec ║ 35│ 4║ 40│ 90║ 3│ 2

then experiment.between those settings and these

448 kbit/sec ║ 40│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 3│ 2

but they look pretty much the same to me so your settings for 400kbits/sec would be

37.5 | 4 || 40 | 95 || 3 | 2


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Hi to all! I would like to express my point of view. Having 128Kbit/s Download and 64Kbit/s Upload, got some questions about using uTorrent. Well, the answer to all problems will be: Get a faster internet connection, dummy! Thus, like it was said here before me, people having more than 1Mbps D/U don't need to bother about settings, just use the default ones. But, if you have a turtle speed connection...

So, why when using UTP(UDP) the speed graph in uTorrent shows something like a zigzag line /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ -never reaching the maximum connection, and downloading at about 3/4 of bandwith? And why I can never get to upload to a peer, it starts and after some seconds drops the connection (he founds a faster peer, right?).

Sorry, but I'm a novice, I tried to experiment with different parameters in uTorrent, nothing changed the result!

When using just TCP it's looking pretty good, a smooth almost horizontal line near the maximum and I can Upload at my maximum! Of course, I can use only TCP and forget about everything, but... as we all are humans, and it's interesting how everything works, my question remains the same: Why can't i download/upload at maximum over UTP?

While using UTP and when a peer that's using only TCP connects to me, it tries to consume all the bandwith over TCP protocol, I guess this is how uTorrent works, but the connections with peers over UTP remain, some of them have the flag "S", others uploading to me below 1KB/s, the fluctuations now are pretty small.

Now about setting the Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: Again, sorry, i'm a novice. But taking into consideration my D/U limits for bandwith, I am reaching max at 3-4 connected peers, trying to increase it gives me peers at S(leep) or uploading to me less than 1KB/s, I guess this setting depends on Downloading limit of the bandwith, right? So if you have some fast peer connected, the others will just waste you bandwith?

Sorry if the questions seem to be stupid, sorry if this was already answered somewhere in the forum and I missed it!

I want to thank all the people working for improving uTorrent, administrators, moderators and all of the experts answering here, keep the great work! Thank you all!

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Well, these were more kind of rhetoric questions :) A faster connection, the settings from this Conservative Chart, the other default ones from uTorrent - and you should not bother any more!

In my opinion most of uTorrent users experience problems due to a lot of peers connected per torrent job and a lot of bandwith is simply wasted, correct me if I'm wrong? People want to download MORE, FASTER and USE the default settings, or settings adviced by friends! Switeck's conservative chart is very good, but I think the number of connected peers should be even lower. The best practice for everybody would be to experiment and find the optimal values depending on their Download/Upload limits.

I'm not the expert here, but if the number of peers, under Peers tab in uTorrent, that are uploading to you with speed less then 1KB/s, is reaching the number of peers that upload above this value (I mean 50%/50%) - this indicates you have bandwith wasted for keeping the connections and not downloading, and you should decrease the number of peers connected, right? Or the best thing would be to leave 1 connected peer if you reach your bandwith limit with it? Or am I writing some obvious things? :)

Again: Thank you for the great work!

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