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Conservative Settings Chart (Alternate Speed Guide for uTorrent)


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Hmmm, I wasn't even thinking about download speeds. I was thinking more about upload speeds and maximizing my upstream bandwidth, at least what I allow uTorrent to consume. I'm torrenting almost exclusively from Dime-a-Dozen and occasionally Trader's Den. I'm more interested in maximizing my uploads in order to build up my ratios, esp. right now, as my ISP has suspended bandwidth usage monitoring, and that immediately after jacking up my speeds to 50/10 Mbps.

Looking at my Upload bandwidth utilization, I seem to be serving loads of peers, no speed problems, and it certainly isn't hurting my ratios :D

I don't keep every torrent I complete seeding. I'll let them run for a couple weeks or longer, and once leechers fade away and my ratio on a given torrent is well above my total ratio, I'll stop it. Some things I do keep seeding, esp. when I'm the only seeder, or one of 2 or 3, but only for oddball things like a Paul Bowles torrent, or something where my ratio isn't great.

And I could upload at better than the 850 KBps I'm currently using. I didn't even think to tweak uTorrent to take advantage of my ISP's gift until a few weeks ago. But 850 KBps increased my Dime ratio rather quickly.

At the moment I only have 20 completed torrents seeding (or willing to seed), two downloads, and six active torrents. I rarely see more than 10 active torrents, so I suppose I could drop the total active torrents number to 15, as recommended in this thread.

As for download speeds, I have mine set to unlimited. It's rarely max'd, and I'll lower it selectively, if I need bandwidth to stream sports or a movie. I never bothered to change the Queue setting for max active downloads. I just dropped it to 5, since that's usually the max I'm downloading at once, and that's rare. I also dropped Max Active to 15.

I freely admit I'm learning as I go.

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I was thinking more about upload speeds and maximizing my upstream bandwidth, at least what I allow uTorrent to consume.

Again, less is more.

You waste more bandwidth on protocol overhead the more peer connections and torrents you run at a time.

Given my performance doesn't seem to be suffering, I'll just have to play around with the settings to see what happens.

Interesting discussion.

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Thank you very much for this. While not a noob, I was struggling trying to find a way to get my dl speed above 8kB/s. This post has gotten me up to ~300kB/s (max I can get).

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

PS: Did I say thank you? :D

[Edit: Yes, I signed up just to say thanks]

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Hmmmm, I think I'm confused...

My current average uploading speed is 810kb/s (according to various speedtest sites, NOT the uTorrent one). As a result, according to the chart I should be using:

800 kbit/sec ║ 75│ 5║ 50│ 160║ 6│ 5║

However, when I input those values and check the "setup guide", it says that my upload speed is 614.4kb/s.

Is this the right speed I should be getting for my uTorrent upload speed? Or am I suppose to input higher values to match my 810kb/s upload speed?

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Hi there:

Great post!

So basically, I need to have two settings for my work connection (~100mbps down and ~100mbps up on average) and one for my new home connection (right now did a speedtest and got 17.68mbps down and 11.17mbps up)

I changed my utorrent settings to those for a value of 10mbps cause I'm home now but upload speeds or just uploading per se is not working at all... At work, I am able to seed/upload at really good speeds, sometimes a couple of mbps (the connection at work is not static at 100mbps; sometimes it is even higher).

What could be going wrong?

I really want to be able to seed from home, as I just upgraded my connection to be able to seed private trackers but this doesn't look very good. I'd really appreciate someone's help on this.


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I cant find how to create new thread.

Since downloading v3.3 my upload speed has dropped , it should be sitting nice at 1mb/s . Currently it looks like this and will not change

Download Upload

12.1 mb/s 21kb/s Why what is the problem , my settings are set to unlimited

upload and my connects are the 100mb/s default settings plz


After reading and reading and more reading . A dumb ass like me figured out my problem , everything is back to normal

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