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Multiple download directory locations


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Has this been requested? Allowing us to enter multiple directories to save our downloads. Then when we download a torrent and don't want it to go to the default location we can simply stop the torrent, right click it and select from a list of assigned directories to download it to. I think it would be much more convenient than constantly going to Advanced, Set download location, and choosing different locations over and over, or having to waste time moving the file after it's been downloaded.

Any chance of this being implemented?

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But don't you still have to click through all those paths and choose your location? It doesn't seem any different from Advanced, Set Download Location. Wouldn't you also have to save the torrent on your hard drive first instead of just opening it immediately through your browser? My thinking is that if you download various files- video, audio, pictures, software, etc. you can preset different folders and then just right click the torrent in the utorrent window and save it immediately to a certain folder instead of constantly finding a location through the explorer window.

Also, if you happen to move your downloaded files to another folder utorrent will report all those torrents with a red X. If you want to keep seeding them you have to go through each torrent one by one and changing the download location. If you added this option you could select a bunch of them at once and right click and immediately set the folder.

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This is easy dude, Change the label to something else, like: "MyOtherFiles"

And put a JUNCTION in your downloads folder called MyOtherFiles that points elsewheres.


Example of my settings: Open Preferences / Directories

[*] Put new downloads in: .... [*] Always show dialog on manual add

... C:\zDownloads\_NewF_

[*] Move Completed downloads to: .... [*] Append the Torrents label

... C:\zDownloads

Google: download sysinternals junction

(they're with microsoft now)

Download junction.zip, unzip it, drop it into C:\WINDOWS\System32

There are also other "GUI-Fied" tools that can create junctions, find that yerself

I use command prompt, or the command line in TotalCommander


So For example you want a finished download to go to


Open up a command prompt, change directory to where your Downloads are.

Optionally, just create a shortcut to your downloads directory for a command prompt to open.

Or get one of the free tools that will enable Explorers Context Menu of: Open Command Prompt Here

So you have a command prompt open in your Downloads folder

type: junction MyOtherFiles C:\MyOtherFiles

(or wherever that folder is)

If the directory/path has spaces enclose it in quotes

ie: junction MyOtherFiles "C:\Sample Directory With Spaces\My Other Files"

When creating a junction you don't include a terminating slash

ie: junction MyOtherFiles "C:\MyOtherFiles\"

wont work.

So when uTorrent is done downloading, and everything is set like the example above then that download will go into


which is really:


When your torrent(s) are done downloading, change the label to whatever you like again.

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Um, that doesn't sound very easy. I have to download another program just to modify this one and then do a whole bunch of commands or shortcuts and change labels back and forth? That's not what I'm really looking for. Thanks though.

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Heh. You do the setup "once"

Then its a matter of adding whatever label you want to a torrent,

and making a Junction, if you want that folder to be located elsewhere.

Two Steps.

And it keeps your downloads from going into incomplete when manually moved.

But hey, to each their own :)

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I would like to be able to set folders for my labels, so bu quickly selecting a label my download would go for example into my Apps folder, or my Musc folder just by selecting an Applications label or Music Label. Right now you get a big mess of full paths which are hard to read in the file path drop down.

Another option would be to be able to set paths for different files types, if they torrent contained an .avi for example is default download path should be video, but this gets hard for multi file torrent.s

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