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ive downloaded nipfilter.dat.gz, and placed it into utorrent folder %AppData%\uTorrent

Firstly, is this a good thing to do? ive heard about the anti-p2p with bad IPs and fake information and this is meant to help block them?

And are these bad IPs the ones with 100% usage in the peers tab?

Ip filter is enabled on the advanced settings but nothing has come up in the logger from any torrents

what else do i need to do?


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You must rename the file to ipfilter.dat -- nothing less, nothing more!

Chances are, your blocklist is hopelessly long and blocking a LOT more than should be blocked.

IP ranges I recommend blocking:


...You may find others on your own.

Right-click INSIDE the Peers window of a torrent, that should pop up the menu moogly is talking about. You may also want to disable Resolve IPs, so you can see the real ips of peers/seeds.

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thanks alot for your help, i have now blocked the following ranges in utorrent with ipfilter.dat:

For a newbie like me a found a helpful walkthrough which may help alot of new users here:



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