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Unable to add Torrent by URL


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Hi everyone.

I have been messing around with webui for a few weeks. I started out using it on my iphone to watch my downloads. When I try to add a torrent via URL or mininova ID in the iphone webapp it starts but then always errors out right away.

So I tried the standard gui on my laptop, and I get the same results

Finally I just tried uRemote and get the exact same thing

I have no programming background, and I think I might even be trying the wrong URL. I am hoping there might be some kind of super beginner guide out there somewhere that I can use to get started.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Update : I just checked my host computer and the error is : Access is denied

Update 2: Disabled popup for files in Torrent and ran uTorrent as Admin. Problems resolved. woot

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