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Am I doing this right?


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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to utorrent, and I just want to check that I'm using the proper settings and getting normal speeds. I want to make sure that I'm the best seeder possible, after all. :)

My ports are properly forwarded and I have no NAT problems. According to internet speed checkers, my average internet connection speed is closest to 512k. I am using comcast.

My settings in uTorrent are as follows:

My max upload rate is 47kB/s. My max number of connections is set at 100, my max number of connected peers per torrent is 40, and my max number of upload slots is 4. My max number of torrents is 3, and my max number of downloads is 2. UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT, and Resolve IP are disabled. Encryption is 'enabled,' and incoming legacy connections are allowed.

I am currently downloading at an average rate of 40kB/s, and uploading at a rate of 47kB/s, 7 seeds, 32 peers. Is this average for a system like mine, or are things running a bit slow? Thanks in advance.

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Your settings seem correct...but try lowering upload speed to 30-40 KB/sec to see if download speed picks up.

You may only have 384 kilobit/second total upload bandwidth and having upload speed set to 47 KB/sec would be way too close to max if that's the case.

Experiment with higher upload speeds as well, but do note that ComCast has SpeedBoost that temporarily allows higher speeds (typically for about 15 seconds to 2 minutes) than normal max...so let any higher upload speed tests run for at least 2 minutes.

Try lowering bt.connect_speed to 1-4 outgoing connection attempts per second...the default of 20 may be a little much for your line and networking hardware+software.

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Thank you for your suggestions! When I lowered my maximum upload rate to 35 and set bt.connect_speed to 4, my download rate went up to around 70kB/s. Not bad!

Just for fun, I tried setting my maximum upload rate to 50, and my download rate went down to a pretty stable 50kB/s, so it seems you were correct in thinking I was too close to my maximum. :)


Sorry to bother you again. But I'm now getting wildly erratic download rates. Anywhere from 15kB/s to 90kB/s. It is averaging at 40kB/s still. Any suggestions to make downloads more stable? I'm connected to 5-8 seeds and 20-22 peers at a time.

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