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I have recently had issues with torrents downloading. I have tried uTorrent (newest release) and Vuze just to make sure. I am currently downloading a file that has 649 seeds and 1103 peers. I am connected to 0 seeds and 42 peers. The speed is reasonable with the connection I have through my ISP but I have been recently having this problem more and more prominently.

I have Qwest DSL 7Mbps connection. I am using the Motorola 3347 modem set as a bridge to my WRT600N router. Both have fully updated firmware. The connection is wide open (I have set the port forwarding and have also tried DMZ host to the computer that has torrents on it), I have a static IP through the router using DHCP lease by MAC address, and I am running Windows Vista Ultimate x64.

The only things I have changed is I moved recently (kept the same service, settings, and network setup), and I installed Service Pack 2 on the Vista machine running uTorrent...would SP2 have any negative effect?

I cannot get any torrents with tons of peers to connect to any of the seeds. E.g. I have Another file downloading that has 64 seeders and 27 peers... I am connected to 14 and 8 respectively, and it will finish within the next 20 minutes. The ones that will not connect to seeds with mostly not finish after days of waiting at near 94% or close to that.

Is this just a problem with the files I am attempting to download or the trackers..? I am using ISOhunt.com to find the torrents.

I am at a loss here any help greatly appreciated

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The seeds may have already hit their connection max, thus won't connect with you very often. Or the seeds may be firewalled and you CAN'T connect to them...you can only hope and wait for them to attempt a connection to you.

If availability never goes up, like Firon says it may be a fake torrent.

Even if not a fake torrent, you can try waiting it out by setting upload speed for that torrent to 1 KB/sec, upload slots to 1 for that torrent, and lower Priority on it to LOW.

...Then start other torrent/s. :)

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