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uTorrent kills connection randomly


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Hello, I recently switched from Azureus to uTorrent, because Azureus slowed down my internet connection and it's been great. But I've been suffering from my cable connection dieing randomly while uTorrent was running, I'd have to reset my router and modem to get my connection to start working again. I've read a couple of topics similiar to my problem and tried their solutions but it's still happening.

What I have:

Cox Cable Broadband Connection

Linksys Router Model - WRT54G

D-Link Cable Modem Model - DCM-201

uTorrent set to 100 connections, 92kb/s max upload

What I tried:

Updating firmware to WRT54G/GL HyperWRT +tofu 13b

Disabling DHT

Startup script from the uTorrent FAQ

Ports forwarded correctly

If anybody else has any ideas on what to do I'd appreciate it.

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D-Links are notorious around here for their BitTorrent "unfriendly-ness". :/ You'll need to lower your Global maximum amount of connections even further to prevent your Internet connection from dropping out. If it still won't work, then the way µTorrent establishes connections and such is incompatible with your modem. Not a lot you can do there. :|

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Have a look at your event log. In case you find entries with event 4226, you should lower the amount of half-open connections. You can also patch tcpip.sys to allow more than 10 half-open connections simultaneously.

I had the same symptoms, which seem to have been caused by a combination of uTorrent trying to open 8 connections at the same time and firefox with some plugins, also doing more than 2 request. This prevented me from opening new connections.

Setting the half-open connections to 5 fixed the problem, but made connections to peers rather slow, so I patched tcpip.sys and raised the amount of half-open connections.

For the patch, visit http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads

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