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Problem with Seeding own torrent.


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I got a problem with my own torrent...

I made a torrent with Utorrent himself and i uploaded it to serveral sites.

i am seeding it right now but i only see

seeds 0(3) Peers 0(24) Upload 0 kb/sec

also the trackers are good. (from piratebay)

Why there is no peers in my peer list? i know 0(24) but why i am not seeding>???

connexion is green.

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i ams eeding and it says availbillity 1.500

but if someone wanna download it he says availbillity is 0 to him.

and to me it is 1.500 :S

you know the problem of that?

ps. maybe you know the problem by downlaoding?

link = <read the announcement - Admins>

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