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Where'd the finished files go?


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While this may sound like a seemingly simple question it isn't. When a file (or multiple files in this case) finishes it will move the finished torrent and the folder (if in one) to my defined place on the HD. BUT... with some of the torrents not all the files are there. Some of them may be and some of them may not be. This only happens with some torrents though.

So, I can look for the files and find them in my defined finished downloads folder but like I've said they wont' be there BUT... if I open utorrent and open the files via the files tab they open fine. So, if they aren't in the finished downloads folder or in the UNfinished downloads folder(as I looked there as well) where the heck did they go? I can right click and have it open the containing folder but it takes me to the folder that doesn't have some or any of the files. Very strange, very strange indeed. Oh, and I did try looking for an answer but couldn't find one. There was a similar situation with one bloke but he didn't have the SAME problem that could help my particular situation.

Any suggestions?

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