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I have a few questions/problems.


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Well surly you've figured out im a noob to BT, and im not knowledgeable with a computer.

Well i have been using BT for a long time, but when i had XP on my old PC i just ren BT on default, since about 3 months ago i bought a new beast and vista, which i regret i got.

Let me just lay it out, for about 3 months i have been trying to download 3 games and dozens of movies, all have a good seed/leech ratio and the small 500mb< files downloaded slowly but atleast i had a finished product.

As for movies and games i gave up on the idea that ill ever see the finished download, i checked my upload/download ration on a game i started downloading 3 months ago, and its 5.67gb DL and 24.7gb UL, my regular dl/ul runs at 1-4kB (DL) and 10-20kB UL.

Also i have the small issue that i readup on and that israeli internet providers either F***over p2p or israelis IPs are troublesome with p2p.

I've probably tried a half a dozen guides basic and advanced(of which 1/2 i did not understand).

I have calculated my DL/UL via the speedtest sites, i have configured my setting to what is mentioned in the beginners guide, i opened the ports needed on my firewall(comodo) alas i cant figure out how to forward my port on my router(but when i had Xp never done that and had a nice 40-60kB DL).

If someone could just gimme simple advice on how to get a decent Dl speed, itll be appreciated.

PS. i do suspect israelis internet providers are limiting P2P to/from other counties, and i did call tech support, and all i got was "DURR you has a viruz cuz u no has antyviruz and j00 go to pornz" seriously the tech support guy blamed it on porn :/

any help will be appreciated, and i am aware there are probably a few hundred topics like that already /closed and solved, but, well, i need someone to tone down the computer talk for me D:

and tnx.

PPS. if someone is confused reading what i wrote, soz for that its kinda late.

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