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utorrent downloads a file to 99.9%, then stops (doesnt freeze or crash


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sorry if there is an answer somewhere, but i have looked for a few hours now and cant seem to find an answer to my issue.

When i download any torrent, it will appear to be downloading, it will even seed at the same time, but when it gets to 99.9% the speed drops to 0, as does the seeding, and i cant get any further. If i reset utorrent, when it opens, the file starts to download from a random percentage, usually not far in, (.5 - 5%) and it will keep going, evertime getting to 99.9% and when i reset it, it has only downloaded some small amount even though it seems to have downloaded nearly the entire thing. If im downloaded two different torrents, one will have downloaded more then the other when i reset utorrent. There are never any error messages, and i have 1.83 beta.

thanks if you can help.

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