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Good speeds dropping very low and taking too long to go up again


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Hi, i consider myself above average torrent user.

I know how to port forward on any of my routers and i know what to do with firewalls.

The problem i encounter at the internet line i am writing this is that i see in utorrent speed being low in torrents , making a spike of +200kb/s on a torrent and then after a while going down to 10-20k again.

I thought it was the half-open tcp connections, i checked that, its at 70 in windows at the moment.

here is the speedguide info from utorrent

upload 28 kb/s

upload slots 1

connections per torrent 30

global connections 90

max active torrents 3

max download torrents 3

I want to mention that i tried more conservative settings too, like 1 upload slot / torrent, less global connections , even 1 torrent active/max but i still see the same issue.

kb/s going high as line spike, from 30kb/s to 200kb/s and then dropping to 10 and slowly going to 30 again.

Is this what you call throttling? My isp isn't throttling anything 100% certain for that.

The upload speed cap i have is way below the upload speed shown in my router. its 384kbps on the router info.

I have the firewall of the router on, do you think it could be that? Any suggestions? i hate to install firewalls in my home lan instead of having firewall at router on :/

I decided to make a test. i enabled dmz on the pc i use utorrent at this moment and see what happens.

I even checked the intrusion detection settings about connections half open etc. i maxed the settings in the router and i set the global connections and per torrent connections to the ones you see in the speed guide.

After few minutes of watching i realized the "problem" is still there.

I see a torrent with 30 connections going from 7 kb/s to 120 then dropping again to 10kb/s

In all the time i watch utorrent my download speed in it never reached the 8mbit line bandwidth i have.

So..i am clueless now. any advice?

PS In very robust swarms, with alot of availability and seeds+peers the issue is also visible but the minimum kb/s isn't so low.

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the link you posted seems to have issues with an antivirus program. I am using Avast, i even disabled p2p shield to be sure its not that. However it was overreaction because i use Avast years now and i never had any issue in my p2p downloads with it.

I am on windows 7 at the moment, i have used tcpz64 tool to have in-memory change of half open tcp connections fixed, i should be ok.

An update,

I decided to download openoffice english for windows. it has 22seeds at this moment. my line went full at 700+kb/s for 1-2 seconds..then it slowly dropped to 470 even though now is connected with 26+2 seeds/peers

I downloaded openoffice german for windows. it has 94 seeds, i am connected with 28+2 peers, this seems more stable at 660-720..

so there isn't any problem in my line and just depends on the torrents i download?

If this is the case, should i increase the quantity of active download torrents, reduce the connections per torrent and keep upload slots per torrent to 1? I hate to see my bandwidth unused ..

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I checked my line with M-Lab,

my ISP doesn't seem to throttle p2p traffic. Also, i checked many Greek Forums, that insist that my ISP removed the traffic shaping last year.

So , i am totally clueless, i will stop downloading the files i need from torrents for now as it is not worth it having a good adsl line and using it at its 5% of potential keeping my pc on for whole nights...

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Your ISP may still be using throttling in your area (which may still be highly congested) even if in general they don't use throttling. They were very hostile in the recent past.

Glasnost misses certain kinds of BitTorrent throttling, which is probably what you checked with under M-Lab.

Try 'extreme' hiding tricks to get better speeds:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

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