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Abrupt Slow spped in BitTorrent


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Yeah, so I just finished downloading a game a few days ago at 300kbps.

A few background info on my broadband.

Country: Singapore, Provider: Singnet.

Download speed of 3Mbits, upload speed is 0.15 or smth.

I have no idea why a few days later, the whole bittorrent decide to kick me in my face,

and have a ****ing slow speed of 0kps to 5kps, and i didnt do shit with it.

So I read a few guides and change my upload speed to 20% of its max,

and tried port fowarding. Previously, the port was 587... i forgot. Then i change it to 6881,

and then tried to port foward, but it failed. Here's a link to what I did:


Tried to use the tool to check if the actions were successful but it wasn't so HECK I'm here

hope you guys can help ):

Thanks in Advance

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20% of your upload is only about 3 KB/sec.

Singnet in Singapore is one of the MOST hostile ISPs towards BitTorrent traffic in the world.

You probably need to use these settings:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

Hopefully, level 4 is good enough.

In particular, DISABLE: UPnP, NAT-PMP, LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

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i'm singnet user too.

i noticed the slow down happens after severe typhoon hit taiwan.

news reported damaged communications cables, need a month to repair.

i did all the recommend settings - disabling UPnP, Nat-PMP, etc, etc...but still having slow dl.

anyway cut story short, uninstall IPv6 and dl speed seem to be better but still not as good as before.

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My ISP is Singnet.

I have been getting good download speeds at about 4days ago. However now it is currently dropping to below 1.0kb/s.

I have looked at both your 1st and 2nd guides and according to the chart i have set the upload settings.(3.1mb/s download and 0.26mb/s upload speed)

Also, once i used this settings, the connection icon at the bottom becomes a yellow sign, which i doubt is good.

Could you kindly give any advice?

(I already restarted my modem)

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The yellow sign at the bottom is a network problem. Your first stop should be your router and then any firewalls. Makes sure your port is open. http://www.canyouseeme.org/ , alternatively use Google and search for port checker if you wish to use a different one. If you hover your mouse above the yellow icon it will display more info on the problem. Sometimes it takes a second after all the peers or seeds connect for that to go away.

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