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As of the latest betas:

1) Kick-and-ban: goes against Ludde's principles.

2) Chat: I never used it and don't know why someone wants this.

3) Plugins: would never happen.

4) BC style Full auto upload slot configuration.

5) Azureus style DHT: Some say it will be here someday.

And also some "features"...

6) Rapid Connection Recycling: An unofficial BC "feature" that was one of the many reasons it got banned, but I guess ultra-aggressivness has advantages in ultracrap torrents especially if everyone is using BC anway.

7) Computer Drag-Inducer: Sometimes, if your game is moving too fast, you can use Azureus or BC's sheer mass to slow it up at the price of jerky frame rates.

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Dosent it bann automatically? If someone is sending bad files. I keep getting a file hash error at around 99.9% and uTorrent bans people that are giving me that.

Those are the only features that the other applications have over uTorrent? Thats it?

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The cache is fully configurable.

advanced settings:

diskio.read_cache_size This sets the size of the read cache (0 = disabled). The value is in KiB.

The plugins one is a pretty big "missing" feature - though I don't personally want it, I can see where it's useful (if you've got plugins, ludde doesn't have to do anything but fix bugs/security problems, but of course that makes the program a lot more bloaty..)

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Azureus has:

"Use SI Units" and

"Use bits instead of bytes for byte-based rate values"

Im not too clear on the first one, but the 2nd one shows u your actual up/down speeds as if u were doing a speed test. I used it for ego tripping...seeing my download speed show 1Mbps instead of, say 100k. On OpenOffice, it showed 900k b4 using the 2nd option. Then it showed 6Mbps!! lol

ok...someone should come along soon and correct my usage of k and K..LOL!! :)

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