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old error message


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"error the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"

For the last month or so Ive had this message come up on my computer, Ive installed windows 7 RC about a month ago from being an XP user 4 eva and never had this problem :P

I havent got google desktop or msn desktop and am wondering why this has come up.

Ive turned off indexing and its not a thumbnail view.

Ive just changed my antivirus - which never had an issue in XP to not monitoring Downloads file.

what else havent i tryed? all my programs and defaults are the same so why would the OS make the difference?

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Sorry for raising the dead (thread) but it doesn't appear to have an answer and I didn't see any other threads for it.

I had a similar problem in BitTorrent. Windows 7 was indexing my BitTorrent download location.

To exclude that file I did the following. Hit Start and type Indexing Options. Click on it when it comes up. Click Modify at the bottom. In the section at the top ("Change Selected Locations"), navigate the the torrent downloads directory - you can get there through the drive letter. Uncheck the folder.

No guarantees but it worked for me and is probably a related issue. The other things I heard could be the problem are related to Nero's search program, or Google/MSN desktop but these were installed on my machine.

Please post success/fail so others know if this is a viable fix.

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