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Cannot Download Empty File?


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[02:46:56] <@Ultima> alus: does µTorrent simply not bother allocating the files that currently have the black piece bars?

[02:47:35] <@Ultima> 0 byte files in a .torrent are stupid, yes, but the behavior still doesn't seem right to me...

[02:48:14] <&alus> I don't really know

[02:48:27] <@CodeRed> i wouldn't be surprised if it didn't

[02:48:41] <&alus> me either.

[02:49:06] <&alus> question is, when should they be? right away, or when some overlapping or nearby piece is finished?

[02:49:48] <@Ultima> piece, like usual, I suppose; but if the piece is part of a file that's skipped, but those empty files aren't skipped, I suppose immediately?

[02:49:56] <@Ultima> I don't know... empty files are retarded xD

[02:52:14] <@Ultima> heh, in that .torrent file I gave you the other day, even if "BLACK!" is missing, the torrent checks out as 100% complete ("File.txt" simply contained "A" as its contents)

[02:53:05] <&alus> yeah...

[02:53:12] <&alus> file systems are weird.

[02:53:26] <&alus> if you ask if a 0 byte file exists, it should always say yes

[02:54:41] <~Firon> but they don't? :P

[02:58:55] <@Ultima> heh, creating every single empty file would make it that much easier for people with malicious intent to create a .torrent file with a TON of 0-byte files, and if a user "downloads" the .torrent file, hell might break loose :|

This was a somewhat relevant discussion I had with alus before about 0 byte files. Basically, there was a bug in several of the 1.8 test builds where 0 byte files had black progress bars, and I also noticed that the 0 byte files weren't consistently created on disk. Obviously, nothing came of that discussion -- this quote is just to provide a bit of perspective. The highlighted line is a point I thought was (and think still is) important to consider.

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µTorrent 3.1 build 26616

This still is not fixed.

In my case, it was a big file (1.6 GiB) followed by a single zero-byte file.

About the potential abuse; It is easy to put some limitation on it. E.g. at most 100 empty files. This should never happen in normal torrents, and should not put a too big strain on the file-system.

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