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seeding and queued seeds.


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Hello, I have 9 or 10 torrents "seeding" (although only 2 are actually uploading anything)

My "max number of active torrents" is 4, and my upload bandwidth is not maxed out.

(no downloads are active)

Yet, At least 3 of the those seeding torrents have 0 peers, while some of the

"queue seeds" have > 0 peers, yet they don't start, while the torrents with 0 peers,

remain seeding.

What is this behavior? Shouldn't the 0 peer seeds be automatically set back to queued, and some

of the other queued seeds be made active ?

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queue.dont_count_slow_ul is set to true, and no downloads are active. Does you first

point apply?

I don't know why it's doing it.

To me, leaving torrents seeding when there are 0 peers to connect to, while

torrents that are "queued seed" but actually have peers doesn't make much sense.

Surely, if I'm to maximize my upload, they should switch places ASAP.

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If queue.dont_count_slow_ul is set to true, then more torrents should start seeding...at least till you hit max ACTIVE torrents. Do note that if they even have very low down and up speeds they still qualify as "active". (You can set the thresholds though in advanced settings.)

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Hi Switeck,

yes I see what you mean. After about 15 minutes (approx) more of them open up.

It seems Utorrent doesn't handle the 0 peer- seeding torrents as a special case and get rid of

them sooner (revert them to "queued seed")

Wouldn't that be preferable behavior ?

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