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How to improve upload speeds


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I have an account with a private tracker and my upload speed is kinda slow compared to my download speed (1.2MB/s and 14kB/s) I think it has partly got to do with most peers having the full thing so there are loads of seeds and very little leechers.

But initially I was uploading at 30kbps, now it's dropped. And now it's back up. Anyway to ensure I maintain a strong upload speed? Because from the "Peers" tab I see some people uploading to me at 130kbps. And that's just to me only.

So how do I improve my upload speed? And why do some people upload that fast but others slowly? (The peers I connected to are uploading to me at speeds ranging from 8kbps to 211kbps)

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There are seed boxes on 1 gigabit/sec lines that can upload at over 100 MB/sec. Sending 211 KB/sec to you is "trivial" for them.

Private trackers are a bad game:


You can't upload very well because the few peers downloading are probably already saturating their max download speed by other seeds.

If you are firewalled in uTorrent, you can only connect to peers that aren't firewalled...and you can only get peer lists from the tracker once per hour or so, often longer than it takes for a peer to become a seed itself.

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