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using 1.8.3 b15571

I think , there is an issue with the update tracker command.

(highlight tracker, right click - > update < )

Sometimes its blue, means I can update tracker.

Sometimes its gray, I can't update tracker.

I can not figure out, why sometimes it misbehaves ?

And if there is a logic behind, please explain?

Its not so critical, but sometimes I think 30 minutes to update

is a bit too long. Especially when I have some connection problems with the

wireless network, I like to tell uT to update now, when the connection is good.

(When using the microwave, the wireless 2.4 GHz band is just OUT)

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uTorrent follows the minimum tracker update interval set by the trackers, not allowing updates faster than that...IF they succeed.

uTorrent should remember old peer and seed connections, though it may "give up" on them if the connection is down too long. (probably 15+ minutes straight)

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