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Low transmission rate - too many blocks


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The only seeder has set a 1kb /s rate for all his d/l.

So I get 0.2 kb/s every 50 seconds or so (yes you read right).

But it happens, that uT requests too many blocks at once.

Then it cuts down the blocks, sometimes to zero, then it starts again.

I wonder, if the performance could be improved, if uT only requests

ONE block at a time, IF the connection is so slow.

Maybe there is a good explanation? Lets hear it?

And one question:

If uT requests 2 blocks at once,

does it request that in parallel mode?

That would mean, (in one burst)

I get 0.5kB for one block,

and then another 0.5kB for another block.

Clearly, it takes like 20 minutes to receive one 16kB block.

Plenty of time for conection problems :- ?

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I try again to explain.

One transmission active. One seeder - one peer.

Its a ultra low transmission rate.

I get about 1percent of the file per day!

And just now I found out, that uT allocates the unfinished pieces.

So I had 12 blocks of the 16 already saved and then my computer crashed.

Guess what ? All already saved blocks are gone too!

Isn't that funny?

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